Monday, March 13, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrites #23 - Pocket Note



This is a POSSIBLE excerpt from a novel series I want to work on called the Crystal Keys Saga. Originally the three part novel series was going to be a dystopian future story, but it became very obvious very quickly that I'm not meant for that kind of thing. =P 

I'd still like to keep it up though. It'll just need a revamp before it's really ready.

In the meantime... Here's a sneak peek. ;) 



Eri woke slowly to dappled sunlight on her face. She groaned and turned over.

She was on the forest floor. Orange and yellow leaves formed a thin layer on the dirt and a poor bed from last night.

“Ugh.” She sat up, taking in her surroundings, trying to remember the events of the previous night.

Then her mind brought her the memory of the androvox wolf, Kato, slashing Gordon’s throat out and ripping his body to shreds. She shuddered and huddled her body close. She couldn’t remember if she had fallen asleep of her own accord or if she had passed out after watching such a gruesome affair.
She let her eyes wander, trying to force last night’s memories out of her head.

The woods were fairly familiar, so they couldn’t be too far from the village. They hadn’t gotten far before Gordon had found them. Did Kato really keep them that close to the village after he. . . he murdered one of their own?

But Kato wouldn’t see it like that, would he? Humans were just cattle to him. Subcreatures. Barely better than dirt.

Well, she’d show him. She’d prove she was better than that. She stood.

A piece of paper fell out of her pocket. She blinked at it, frowning, and opened it up.

Don’t move, the paper said, in what she could only assume to be Kato's handwriting. I’ll be back soon with breakfast.

Eri snorted. Don’t move? Really? After what he had done? After Gordon’s death? After… after he proved to be the horrid monster everyone had warned her against?

And she tried to save him. To save him! She should go back to the village, find the men there, then bring them to Kato and let them kill him like they wanted to when they first found him.

But. . . If she did that. Daisuke. She’d never have another chance of finding her brother.

Damn it all.

“If you think you’re going to escape with my E-Key,” Kato’s gravelly voice grumbled over the fallen leaves. “You will be in for a surprise.”

Eri jumped and turned to find the seven foot, anthropomorphic wolf, staring at her with one dark yellow eye and all the indifference of a man looking over cattle he’s preparing to take to market.

She frowned. What on Sonus had she gotten herself into? 


Eri and Kato's relationship is... interesting. We'll see what happens with that in the future though. ;) 

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrites #22 - The Darkness is Watching

Let's just cut to the chase and says that this is a new



This one is a different that previous ones, in that it's a sequel to another freewrite, but a sequel to an OLD one. So let's get this one started! 



(Continuing from The New Sky King. Read Part 1 here)

Miraj entered the dinky motel room, tossed his battered bag on the bed, and sat on the bed. A much easier task now that the Sky King had taught him how to transform.

Transform. So strange. He was practically a weregryfon. A word he was sure no one had ever used before.

“Sora Kingu,” the voice in his head said. “Not Sky King.”

Miraj rolled his eyes. Not that it made much difference. It was the same words, just in Japanese, albeit poor Japanese.
The “sora kingu” had spent the first 24 hours in Miraj’s head learning about his entire history. And he chose to focus very closely on the fact that Miraj knew Japanese. Not that he was a convicted murderer. Not that he had been in jail for much of his adult life. Just that he knew Japanese. Maybe that was a blessing and a curse.

At least the creature let him shorten the name to Sora. Even if it was a video game character name.

“Ningen,” Sora said, using the Japanese word for “human.” “We only get one night here. You know this.”

He did. It had been five months since the incident, which, not surprisingly, made the national news. The deaths of that many high-end scientists did not sit well with the community at large.

Especially since the focus of that experiment, Miraj, disappeared that day. No body. No sign of him at all. Just some wet paw prints.

Who would have thought that he would have to go back into hiding?

The transformation had made it a little easier to hide. After all, trying to hide a seven-foot-tall anthropomorphic gryfon was nigh impossible. But his face was all over the news. He’d resorted to hiding in tiny towns in the middle of nowhere, were hopefully the local population was not that up to date with national news.

A night here, a night there. What a life.

He crawled into bed, a wave of exhaustion coming over him after a day of running, and he flipped off the light.

It felt like he had just put his head on the pillow when Sora hissed in his ear. He woke with a start and noticed something moving in the darkness. His body reacted and he partially transformed, growing fur and feathers all over his body. He reached his still human hand for the light switch.

“Don’t move,” Sora hissed in his head. “They’re watching you.”

Miraj shut his eyes tight and used Sora’s hearing. Sure enough, he heard breathing.

There was nothing for it. He pressed gave over to Sora’s full transformation and without grabbing his bag, he leapt out through the window, hoping the thing in the shadows wouldn’t follow.


Hmm, not sure if I like this one to be honest. What do you guys think? Write in the comments below! 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrites #21 - Napkins

Oh boy, a new......


Last week we saw some stuff from Dyne and Jaden. This week we see Trecheon, Matt, and Neil doing some stupid stuff. WOO.

Let's go for it! 



“Oh good,” Neil said, pointing to a table in the corner. “Our usual table is open.”

I nodded and followed Neil as he weaved his way through the crowd toward our destination. Matt followed behind, glancing nervously at the clientele. I couldn’t blame him for his nervousness. White zyfaunos are fairly rare on Earth, so he stood out like a sore thumb, to use the most cliché saying possible.

“Do we have to sit at the table furthest from the door?” Matt asked.

“Calm yourself,” I told Matt. “We’re fine.”

“Easy for you to say.”

“Trust me,” I said. “We’re fine.”

He eyed me. Trust was something we were still working on. But I grinned at him. He wasn’t going to escape me that easily.

We sat around the table and a waitress took drink orders. The bar was fairly lively tonight. Not something I expected on a random Tuesday, but it was just after the holidays. Maybe these poor saps needed time away from their crazy families.

“So how much is your contact actually going to know?” Matt whispered out of the corner of his mouth. I didn’t look him in the eye, but I had to admit, I was pretty impressed by his discrepancy.

“That’s what we’re here to find out, right?” I said, cheerily.

“We can’t afford to waste time with this, Trech.”

“Don’t call me Trech,” I told him. “Only friends call me that.”

Matt winced. “Ouch.”

“Tell me about it,” Neil said. “I’ve known him over half his life and I don’t even get the pleasure.”

“Shut up, both of you,” I said. “Or you’ll attract too much attention.”

We sat around sipping at our drinks for a couple of minutes still waiting on my contact. I tried to avoid glancing at my watch. It wasn’t like him to be late.

Then I spotted a familiar face in the crowd. Kyoko. The thin second-gen Japanese woman glided through the crowd with the grace of a waitress that had been in the business for too long. She slid between people and made her way to my table. I grinned at her.

But she didn’t grin back, despite meeting my eyes. Instead she walked up to our table, dumped a bunch of napkins on the edge, and walked off. Matt and Neil gave me puzzled looks and I just shrugged.

One of the napkins looked odd. I picked it up and noticed writing on the back.

Get out now, it said in Kyoko’s impeccable handwriting. While you still can.

My eyes widened and I shot my head up, glancing around the room for the source of danger.
Then I found it. The literal danger. The Triple Danger. I shot a glare at Neil, hissed at him, and nodded my head toward the three doe. The three high level assassins.

So much for my contact.



Some of this requires the context of White Assassin and Tanned Hide - Both books can be downloaded FREE off of Amazon or from 

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrites #20 - Scorpions

Woooo, it's more....


Today we'll be reading a short exerpt from a possible Dyne and Jaden - Golden Guardians At Large short story. ;) We'll see how well it comes out.

These are so much fun to do. Let's get to it! 



Dyne raised an incredulous eyebrow at Jaden. “You’re going to try to reason with a man who swallows scorpions for fun?”

Jaden shrugged. “What choice do I have?” He eyed the tall, gangly humanoid creature standing on the stage. The man, if he could indeed be called that, grabbed a massive scorpion mingling among about fifty or so scorpions in a large basket. He lifted the scorpion by the tail and hovered it over his mouth to shouts and jeers among the crowd. A man in an extremely large turban like head covering ran between the onlookers, taking bets.

Dyne shifted on his pillow near the table he shared with Jaden. He took a deliberately loud sip from his mug of cider. “You’re asking for trouble.”

“Think I don’t know that?” Jaden said. “But according to Ryan, this guy knows something. Specifically he knows something about our missing bastard prince.”

“Maybe he is the bastard prince. After all, we don’t even know what he looks like.” Dyne turned his head and they watched a moment as the man swallowed the scorpion whole, in one massive gulp, before showing the crowd his open mouth. “Draso’s horns, how does he do that?”

“’Tis magic, fair one,” a new voice said. Jaden turned and saw a young boy, maybe five or six, sit at the table next to them in one of the vacant pillows. His sharp blue eyes didn’t seem to match with the grayish-green skin and silver hair. The tops of his pointed ears curved down along side his head until they were nearly level with his extra long earlobes. Faint silver fur grew around his nose and eyes, melting into skin. His tiny black nose was hardly different than Jaden’s catlike nose, but his long clawed hands only had three fingers.

Jaden lifted a brow and tilted an ear back, trying to focus on the boy’s words, not his odd appearance. “Magic?”

“Yonder man does not physically eat the scorpions,” the child said. “He absorbs their souls. A rare magic indeed. So rare that few know it exists.”

Jaden blinked. “Scorpions have souls?”

“Oh no, fair one,” the boy said. “The scorpions are the souls.”

Dyne’s inner ears paled. “Who’s souls?”

“The souls of lost princes.”


That was one of the weirdest stories ever. I TOTALLY WANT TO KEEP GOING. 

Want to see more? Got a prompt for me to see? Share it in the comments below! 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrites #19 - Pretending

Welcome to another............


Today is yet ANOTHER sequel to last week's freewrite. . . This'll be the last one in this series, for now at least. I love this weird opening so far, so I'm tempted to finish a whole short story with it.

We'll see though, lol. 

Let's get started! 



(Continuation of last week’s prompt! Part 1 here. Part 2here)

I stood there, blinking, trying to get my bearings.

This was madness. Complete and utter madness. I had gone crazy. I hadn’t just been guided here through telepathy and puppeteering by a nutter with wings on her wrists. I hadn’t just be utterly betrayed by my bat winged boss. I was probably still asleep, dreaming about a worst case scenario of my hit-and-run drive-by shooting job that was coming up tomorrow.

“I’m just going to pretend that didn’t happen,” I announced to the dream people.

The winged lady, Cake as the Hoarder called her, pinched my cheek.

I slapped her hand away. “Ow!”

“You’re not sleeping,” she said. “This isn’t a dream and we aren’t dream people.”

Her words didn’t register.

“Sorry, Pan,” the Hoarder said. “Everyone new gets tested. And it seems you’ve passed better than anyone else.”

“Passed what?” I demanded. “A test of humiliation?”

“A test against Cake’s powers,” the Hoarder said. “She’s got completely out of this world powers that no one can stand up against. Not even me. Once she’s got you in her clutches, you’re in it for the long haul. There’s literally nothing you can do to stop her or break free.”

“Well,” Cake said. “That’s how most people react anyway.”

I glared at her. “And I’m different.”

“You blinked.”

I threw up my hands. “Well whoop-de-do for me! What, that makes me some kind of savant? Some kind of power house? Blinking isn’t exactly heavy lifting.”

“Pan,” Cake said. “I have so much control over people that they can’t even breathe if I don’t let them. And you blinked. You breathed. You swallowed. You thought. You did things that literally no one else can do when I have them under my power. And you are the only one who has ever displayed any kind of control. Ever.”

I frowned, thinking, trying to calm my thoughts. Then I shrugged. “So what?”

“So,” the Hoarder said. “You’re Cake’s partner. The only one that has a hope in hell of standing up to her. Or protecting her.”

I raised an eyebrow at him before poking a thumb at the wrist-winged lady. “She needs protecting?”

“Yes,” Cake said. “Because even my powers aren’t perfect.”

I rolled my eyes. “Right. Next you’re going to tell me that the whole hit taken out by the Head Magician was totally real and he’s after Cake and somehow he’s the only one who has powers able to stand up to her.”

Cake and the Hoarder exchanged glances. Cake looked back at me. “Actually. . .”

Good gravy. What had I gotten myself into? 


This got really crazy. XD I'm seriously tempted to continue this for a short story.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrite #18 - Abduction

-dances- Oh boi it's MONDAYYYYYY.

Let's get the week started with a new

Ten Minute Freewrite

Today we're going to do something I very rarely do... a SEQUEL freewrite. Yup, today's freewrite is a continuation of last week's freewrite. Make sure you read that before you start here today! 



(Continuation of last week’s prompt! Read it here)

I had never felt fear like I did right then.

My arms and legs moved and guided the car without even a tiny bit of input from my own mind. Everything was automatic, puppet like, as if someone else had put on my skin like a costume and took over completely.

The woman I had been charged with killing sat in the seat next to me. The wings on her wrist lay flat against her arms and she had one foot leaning up on the dashboard. She had an emery board and was loudly filing down her nails.

I knew the route we were taking. The back alleys leading toward our headquarters. The very place where I got the call for the job to take out this invader.

Why was she taking us there?

Half an hour later we were parked in the underground garage. Once again, without my permission, my body got itself out of the car and we walked toward the entrance to the building.

Our guard, Randy, glared at me. “Pan, you’re out of line.”

Pan. My killer’s nickname. Don’t ask where it came from. I wanted to tell him that it was all her fault, but I couldn’t make my mouth work.

But the chick could. “Just get me to the boss,” my voice and lips said without my permission.

“He’s going to kill you, you know,” Randy said, punching in the code to let us in.

For all I knew, his words were literally true.

We made our way up the burned out offices and staircases. I tried to keep my mind blank, knowing she was probably reading my thoughts, but my panicked adrenaline rushes gave my fear away, if the thoughts didn’t.

The door to the bosses office opened before we even got half way down the hall. The Hoarder himself came out, his tiny, red bat wings flapping behind his ears in agitation.

I swallowed hard, somewhat surprised that my puppeteer even let me.

“Pan,” the Hoarder said. “I know you’re new here, and I know your previous place of employment had different policies. But I thought I’d made it clear that we have a no abduction policy.”

My mouth worked without me again. “She wasn’t cooperating. What did you expect me to do?”
Inside my head, I tried focusing my thoughts and channeling them to the Hoarder. Help me, help me, help me, help me.

The Hoarder raised an eyebrow, then turned to the girl. “This one too?”

The girl shrugged, turning back to her nail file.

I blinked. What.

“He has potential,” the girl said. “He actually keeps his thoughts. Everyone else lost themselves entirely.”

The Hoarder raised both eyebrow, his wings perking lilke cat ears. “He kept his thoughts!” He glanced at me. “Really?”

“He’s asking for help right now.”

The Hoarder glanced me over, then grinned. “Interesting.” He turned to the girl. “He a keeper?”

“Until something better comes along.”

I blinked. What the hell was going on?

The Hoarder’s eyes widened. “He blinked!”

“He swallowed too,” the girl said. “Best one yet.”

“Fine then,” the Hoarder said. “He’s yours.”

All at once, everything came back into my control. I glared at them both. “What the hell just happened?”

“Pan,” the Hoarder said, waving a hand to the winged girl. “This is Cake. She’s your new partner.” 


Didn't expect THAT one, did you? Think I should continue this story? It's pretty far outside my usual realm of writing. Kinda. Let me know in the comments below! 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrites #17 - Wounds Closed

Hooray, another Monday. Time for yet another

Ten Minute Freewrites

Today is taking a totally different situation and going for a strange urban fantasy vibe. Let's see how it comes out. 



It should have been an easy job. Find the girl, make it look like a drive by shooting, collect the paycheck.

I should have known it wasn’t going to be so easy when I learned who ordered the hit. The head boss of the biggest mob in the city of Thunderstruck. The Head Magician himself.

I never put much faith in all that high magic stuff. I mean, sure I had basic telepathy and telekinesis just like any other average Joe. I even had the wings to prove it. Mind you, I had butterfly wings barely the span of a fruitbat and they were so low on my back that I’d need to wear a lady's tube top for anyone to notice them, but still. Identifying wings. Just like everyone else.

This lady though. . . this hit. She wasn’t like the others. She didn’t have some BS wings on the small of her back. She had massive feather wings. . . on her wrists. How did she even function day to day with wings like that?

Still. Wing size and location weren’t always an indication of power. Heck, my next door neighbor had dragon wings longer than his entire body, poking out of his shoulders! And he couldn’t even coax a box of cereal off the top shelf with his powers.

But this chick. It was like she wasn’t even there. She walked down the street with a blank, absent look over her face. I caught a glimpse of her gaze when I drove by.

And I shot her. Emptied the entire clip into her body. But she never blinked. She just examined me curiously as her wounds closed.

How she even saw me in the dark, I’ll never know.

Man, this was supposed to be an easy job.

As I drove by, the woman lifted a winged wrist up and tilted her head at me. I slowed the car. Not by my own action, mind you. I just felt my foot press against the brake pedal, my hands steering the car toward her on the pavement. She smiled at me.

“Sorry, John,” she said, using my first name. My real name. The name that I never gave anyone. “But the Head Magician won’t get me today.”

Shock slammed me. “What-- How--?”

She slipped alongside the passenger door and slid into the seat. “Drive.”

Before I could react or say a word, my foot moved, on its own accord, and pressed the gas pedal.


CRAZY. I'm already having fun with this world though. XD 

Wanna continue the story, or suggest a freewrite prompt? Comment below!