Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Resolution, 2017 - Meenanful Life


This year's New Years Resolution gif is decidedly not as cool as the previous year. Oh well.

It's a new year and a new time for more resolutions!

Honestly, most of my resolutions are the same... with one important distinction at the end. It's going to be an interesting year - And we need to take it by the horns and shape it the way WE want it, not the way hate wants it.

#1 - Publish three novels and at least four novelettes


I seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY want to get my three novels out this year. I'm close enough that I seriously think I can do it. So I'm going for it. I'M GOING FOR IT.

Why SHOULDN'T I dream big!?

#2 - More blog posts! 

This one will be fairly easy to pull off, since I now have a huge backlog all prepped and ready to go. ;) I'm looking forward to it.

#3 - Do more art. . . and work on improvement. 

Okay, so, one of the things I did this year was take an art class about sketching, one of the major art things that I've always struggled with. So to help me grow, I'm going to try and draw every single day and do a sketch dump every Friday in the blog.

Here's some stuff I've already done. I'm definitely looking forward to more. XD

#4 - More weight loss

If I could do 30 pounds this year, I can do 30 pounds next year! LET'S DO THIS.

#5 - Be nice to people, and protect those being undermined.

Okay. . . this is the biggest one.

Without getting into the politics, I have a lot of friends that are rightly terrified about the future considering some of the things that happened this year. And I don't want them to be worried or afraid. I'm going to continue doing the best I know how to defend the undermined and protect those I care about.

I know it looks hopeless, but with time, love, and a refusal to let hate win, we can make the future into what we want it to be, despite the obstacles. Let's work together and make a brighter future, now more than ever.

If any of you need anything, please talk to me!

Okay, so honestly... not a whole lot different than last year. But it's manageable. Hooray for the future. =)

Let's go out there and make it the best we possibly can.

What are your news years resolutions?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Year's Resolutions Year-End Checkup - Meenanful Life

OMG It's my birthday! WOOOOOOOOOO

Hooboy. Time for some New Years Resolutions again. Gonna do the year-end check up first. >> We'll see how well I did.

I... don't have a lot of hope for the future. =P But bear with me. Let's take a look at how I handled 2016!

#1 - Publish three books.

Hahahahahahhaha nope. I did manage to publish two novelettes though! So that's honestly not too bad. It could be worse.

The first is another Zyearth novelette, the companion story to White Assassin.

Tanned Hide hasn't had many sales on Amazon, but I've had a lot of people buy the physical copy from me. It's a story that seems to really attract people. 

Hopefully it'll be free up on Amazon soon, but for now, you can get it free off my website by clicking here.

The second was the very first Weredriver story - Deadly Victory, an Airton Paredes novelette and winner of an honorable mention from Writers of the Future.

This is PROBABLY the weirdest story I've ever written. Formula One style fiction with werebeasts. WOO. 

In addition to the novelettes, I DID get a ton of writing in the series I was trying to tackle. Maybe I'll get them all out next year, with luck. 

So... not quite a success, but not quite a fail either. 

#2 - More Blog Posts Let's skip this one. >> 

#3 - Actually lose weight, or at least be more active.

For once, I can say, this one has gone WELL. I lost 30 pounds this year and I'm changing up my eating habits a LOT. I'm feeling success from this one. =3 

It's not perfect yet, but I'm well on my way and I feel so much BETTER. It's wonderful. 

#4 - Do More Art

This one... this one was my greatest success. 

LOOK at all of it. And this doesn't even include the 25+ sketches that I did for Inktober this year. I'm on a ROLL.

I plan to do even more next year though. A LOT more. Sketches galore, with a weekly blog post to boot. ;) Gotta get those skills up! 

Not too bad this year! Probably my best year yet. 

Next Friday, new resolutions! 

How did you do on YOUR resolutions this year? 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas! And Gift Giving in Books - Random Musings

Merry Christmas to all! 

(Woo! Confetti, fireworks, yay!)

I love Christmas and the whole tradition of gift giving. It's just a blast. I'm definitely a gift giver, so when the opportunity presents itself, I GIVE. =D

I probably get this habit and love from books.

There are a lot of books that have some scene or other where the characters give each other gifts and they're often my favorite scenes. Gifts are a way for the author to show the relationship between characters. Close characters, specifically, will know each other well enough to give each other gifts that have some kind of significant meaning behind them.

Few authors do this significant gift giving better than M.C.A. Hogarth, especially in her Pelted Universe books, such as the Dreamhealer's series or the Her Instruments series. She even wrote an entire book based on a serial that was centered around the holidays and, in a lot of ways, gift giving.

No gift is wasted. Every gift giving segment was about how significant it was for the people involved, both the giver and the receiver. And anyone who knows the story or characters up to that point knows how important those gifts are.

Gift giving segments are also a nice pastoral time. Books are full of drama and difficulty and conflict because that's what makes a good story. One can't enjoy the pastoral moments without the hardships. So gift giving segments are often a nice cool down period that allows the characters to enjoy the hard earned peace they've been working toward, even if it's only for a moment.

I try to incorporate this into my own gift giving habits. Gifts, in my opinion, are something that should last and should reflect my relationship with whoever I'm giving it to. Gift giving moments are also a time to relax, usually after a stressful semester or a difficult year, depending on the situation. It's our time to enjoy the hard earned peace.

Sometimes, in our hectic, angry world, we forget about the simple gifts. The gift of love, the gift of love, the gift of peace. Yes, we don't always have peace hanging out with us, but we can make happiness if we only choose to.

So even with this weird, yucky year, let's try to remember the good stuff. =)

What do you love about gift giving?