Monday, March 13, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrites #23 - Pocket Note



This is a POSSIBLE excerpt from a novel series I want to work on called the Crystal Keys Saga. Originally the three part novel series was going to be a dystopian future story, but it became very obvious very quickly that I'm not meant for that kind of thing. =P 

I'd still like to keep it up though. It'll just need a revamp before it's really ready.

In the meantime... Here's a sneak peek. ;) 



Eri woke slowly to dappled sunlight on her face. She groaned and turned over.

She was on the forest floor. Orange and yellow leaves formed a thin layer on the dirt and a poor bed from last night.

“Ugh.” She sat up, taking in her surroundings, trying to remember the events of the previous night.

Then her mind brought her the memory of the androvox wolf, Kato, slashing Gordon’s throat out and ripping his body to shreds. She shuddered and huddled her body close. She couldn’t remember if she had fallen asleep of her own accord or if she had passed out after watching such a gruesome affair.
She let her eyes wander, trying to force last night’s memories out of her head.

The woods were fairly familiar, so they couldn’t be too far from the village. They hadn’t gotten far before Gordon had found them. Did Kato really keep them that close to the village after he. . . he murdered one of their own?

But Kato wouldn’t see it like that, would he? Humans were just cattle to him. Subcreatures. Barely better than dirt.

Well, she’d show him. She’d prove she was better than that. She stood.

A piece of paper fell out of her pocket. She blinked at it, frowning, and opened it up.

Don’t move, the paper said, in what she could only assume to be Kato's handwriting. I’ll be back soon with breakfast.

Eri snorted. Don’t move? Really? After what he had done? After Gordon’s death? After… after he proved to be the horrid monster everyone had warned her against?

And she tried to save him. To save him! She should go back to the village, find the men there, then bring them to Kato and let them kill him like they wanted to when they first found him.

But. . . If she did that. Daisuke. She’d never have another chance of finding her brother.

Damn it all.

“If you think you’re going to escape with my E-Key,” Kato’s gravelly voice grumbled over the fallen leaves. “You will be in for a surprise.”

Eri jumped and turned to find the seven foot, anthropomorphic wolf, staring at her with one dark yellow eye and all the indifference of a man looking over cattle he’s preparing to take to market.

She frowned. What on Sonus had she gotten herself into? 


Eri and Kato's relationship is... interesting. We'll see what happens with that in the future though. ;) 

Got a suggestion for a freewrite prompt? Write it below! 

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