Monday, March 6, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrites #22 - The Darkness is Watching

Let's just cut to the chase and says that this is a new



This one is a different that previous ones, in that it's a sequel to another freewrite, but a sequel to an OLD one. So let's get this one started! 



(Continuing from The New Sky King. Read Part 1 here)

Miraj entered the dinky motel room, tossed his battered bag on the bed, and sat on the bed. A much easier task now that the Sky King had taught him how to transform.

Transform. So strange. He was practically a weregryfon. A word he was sure no one had ever used before.

“Sora Kingu,” the voice in his head said. “Not Sky King.”

Miraj rolled his eyes. Not that it made much difference. It was the same words, just in Japanese, albeit poor Japanese.
The “sora kingu” had spent the first 24 hours in Miraj’s head learning about his entire history. And he chose to focus very closely on the fact that Miraj knew Japanese. Not that he was a convicted murderer. Not that he had been in jail for much of his adult life. Just that he knew Japanese. Maybe that was a blessing and a curse.

At least the creature let him shorten the name to Sora. Even if it was a video game character name.

“Ningen,” Sora said, using the Japanese word for “human.” “We only get one night here. You know this.”

He did. It had been five months since the incident, which, not surprisingly, made the national news. The deaths of that many high-end scientists did not sit well with the community at large.

Especially since the focus of that experiment, Miraj, disappeared that day. No body. No sign of him at all. Just some wet paw prints.

Who would have thought that he would have to go back into hiding?

The transformation had made it a little easier to hide. After all, trying to hide a seven-foot-tall anthropomorphic gryfon was nigh impossible. But his face was all over the news. He’d resorted to hiding in tiny towns in the middle of nowhere, were hopefully the local population was not that up to date with national news.

A night here, a night there. What a life.

He crawled into bed, a wave of exhaustion coming over him after a day of running, and he flipped off the light.

It felt like he had just put his head on the pillow when Sora hissed in his ear. He woke with a start and noticed something moving in the darkness. His body reacted and he partially transformed, growing fur and feathers all over his body. He reached his still human hand for the light switch.

“Don’t move,” Sora hissed in his head. “They’re watching you.”

Miraj shut his eyes tight and used Sora’s hearing. Sure enough, he heard breathing.

There was nothing for it. He pressed gave over to Sora’s full transformation and without grabbing his bag, he leapt out through the window, hoping the thing in the shadows wouldn’t follow.


Hmm, not sure if I like this one to be honest. What do you guys think? Write in the comments below! 

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