Monday, February 20, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrites #20 - Scorpions

Woooo, it's more....


Today we'll be reading a short exerpt from a possible Dyne and Jaden - Golden Guardians At Large short story. ;) We'll see how well it comes out.

These are so much fun to do. Let's get to it! 



Dyne raised an incredulous eyebrow at Jaden. “You’re going to try to reason with a man who swallows scorpions for fun?”

Jaden shrugged. “What choice do I have?” He eyed the tall, gangly humanoid creature standing on the stage. The man, if he could indeed be called that, grabbed a massive scorpion mingling among about fifty or so scorpions in a large basket. He lifted the scorpion by the tail and hovered it over his mouth to shouts and jeers among the crowd. A man in an extremely large turban like head covering ran between the onlookers, taking bets.

Dyne shifted on his pillow near the table he shared with Jaden. He took a deliberately loud sip from his mug of cider. “You’re asking for trouble.”

“Think I don’t know that?” Jaden said. “But according to Ryan, this guy knows something. Specifically he knows something about our missing bastard prince.”

“Maybe he is the bastard prince. After all, we don’t even know what he looks like.” Dyne turned his head and they watched a moment as the man swallowed the scorpion whole, in one massive gulp, before showing the crowd his open mouth. “Draso’s horns, how does he do that?”

“’Tis magic, fair one,” a new voice said. Jaden turned and saw a young boy, maybe five or six, sit at the table next to them in one of the vacant pillows. His sharp blue eyes didn’t seem to match with the grayish-green skin and silver hair. The tops of his pointed ears curved down along side his head until they were nearly level with his extra long earlobes. Faint silver fur grew around his nose and eyes, melting into skin. His tiny black nose was hardly different than Jaden’s catlike nose, but his long clawed hands only had three fingers.

Jaden lifted a brow and tilted an ear back, trying to focus on the boy’s words, not his odd appearance. “Magic?”

“Yonder man does not physically eat the scorpions,” the child said. “He absorbs their souls. A rare magic indeed. So rare that few know it exists.”

Jaden blinked. “Scorpions have souls?”

“Oh no, fair one,” the boy said. “The scorpions are the souls.”

Dyne’s inner ears paled. “Who’s souls?”

“The souls of lost princes.”


That was one of the weirdest stories ever. I TOTALLY WANT TO KEEP GOING. 

Want to see more? Got a prompt for me to see? Share it in the comments below! 

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