Monday, February 6, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrite #18 - Abduction

-dances- Oh boi it's MONDAYYYYYY.

Let's get the week started with a new

Ten Minute Freewrite

Today we're going to do something I very rarely do... a SEQUEL freewrite. Yup, today's freewrite is a continuation of last week's freewrite. Make sure you read that before you start here today! 



(Continuation of last week’s prompt! Read it here)

I had never felt fear like I did right then.

My arms and legs moved and guided the car without even a tiny bit of input from my own mind. Everything was automatic, puppet like, as if someone else had put on my skin like a costume and took over completely.

The woman I had been charged with killing sat in the seat next to me. The wings on her wrist lay flat against her arms and she had one foot leaning up on the dashboard. She had an emery board and was loudly filing down her nails.

I knew the route we were taking. The back alleys leading toward our headquarters. The very place where I got the call for the job to take out this invader.

Why was she taking us there?

Half an hour later we were parked in the underground garage. Once again, without my permission, my body got itself out of the car and we walked toward the entrance to the building.

Our guard, Randy, glared at me. “Pan, you’re out of line.”

Pan. My killer’s nickname. Don’t ask where it came from. I wanted to tell him that it was all her fault, but I couldn’t make my mouth work.

But the chick could. “Just get me to the boss,” my voice and lips said without my permission.

“He’s going to kill you, you know,” Randy said, punching in the code to let us in.

For all I knew, his words were literally true.

We made our way up the burned out offices and staircases. I tried to keep my mind blank, knowing she was probably reading my thoughts, but my panicked adrenaline rushes gave my fear away, if the thoughts didn’t.

The door to the bosses office opened before we even got half way down the hall. The Hoarder himself came out, his tiny, red bat wings flapping behind his ears in agitation.

I swallowed hard, somewhat surprised that my puppeteer even let me.

“Pan,” the Hoarder said. “I know you’re new here, and I know your previous place of employment had different policies. But I thought I’d made it clear that we have a no abduction policy.”

My mouth worked without me again. “She wasn’t cooperating. What did you expect me to do?”
Inside my head, I tried focusing my thoughts and channeling them to the Hoarder. Help me, help me, help me, help me.

The Hoarder raised an eyebrow, then turned to the girl. “This one too?”

The girl shrugged, turning back to her nail file.

I blinked. What.

“He has potential,” the girl said. “He actually keeps his thoughts. Everyone else lost themselves entirely.”

The Hoarder raised both eyebrow, his wings perking lilke cat ears. “He kept his thoughts!” He glanced at me. “Really?”

“He’s asking for help right now.”

The Hoarder glanced me over, then grinned. “Interesting.” He turned to the girl. “He a keeper?”

“Until something better comes along.”

I blinked. What the hell was going on?

The Hoarder’s eyes widened. “He blinked!”

“He swallowed too,” the girl said. “Best one yet.”

“Fine then,” the Hoarder said. “He’s yours.”

All at once, everything came back into my control. I glared at them both. “What the hell just happened?”

“Pan,” the Hoarder said, waving a hand to the winged girl. “This is Cake. She’s your new partner.” 


Didn't expect THAT one, did you? Think I should continue this story? It's pretty far outside my usual realm of writing. Kinda. Let me know in the comments below! 

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