Monday, January 30, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrites #17 - Wounds Closed

Hooray, another Monday. Time for yet another

Ten Minute Freewrites

Today is taking a totally different situation and going for a strange urban fantasy vibe. Let's see how it comes out. 



It should have been an easy job. Find the girl, make it look like a drive by shooting, collect the paycheck.

I should have known it wasn’t going to be so easy when I learned who ordered the hit. The head boss of the biggest mob in the city of Thunderstruck. The Head Magician himself.

I never put much faith in all that high magic stuff. I mean, sure I had basic telepathy and telekinesis just like any other average Joe. I even had the wings to prove it. Mind you, I had butterfly wings barely the span of a fruitbat and they were so low on my back that I’d need to wear a lady's tube top for anyone to notice them, but still. Identifying wings. Just like everyone else.

This lady though. . . this hit. She wasn’t like the others. She didn’t have some BS wings on the small of her back. She had massive feather wings. . . on her wrists. How did she even function day to day with wings like that?

Still. Wing size and location weren’t always an indication of power. Heck, my next door neighbor had dragon wings longer than his entire body, poking out of his shoulders! And he couldn’t even coax a box of cereal off the top shelf with his powers.

But this chick. It was like she wasn’t even there. She walked down the street with a blank, absent look over her face. I caught a glimpse of her gaze when I drove by.

And I shot her. Emptied the entire clip into her body. But she never blinked. She just examined me curiously as her wounds closed.

How she even saw me in the dark, I’ll never know.

Man, this was supposed to be an easy job.

As I drove by, the woman lifted a winged wrist up and tilted her head at me. I slowed the car. Not by my own action, mind you. I just felt my foot press against the brake pedal, my hands steering the car toward her on the pavement. She smiled at me.

“Sorry, John,” she said, using my first name. My real name. The name that I never gave anyone. “But the Head Magician won’t get me today.”

Shock slammed me. “What-- How--?”

She slipped alongside the passenger door and slid into the seat. “Drive.”

Before I could react or say a word, my foot moved, on its own accord, and pressed the gas pedal.


CRAZY. I'm already having fun with this world though. XD 

Wanna continue the story, or suggest a freewrite prompt? Comment below! 

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