Monday, January 9, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrites - #14 - Burgerpants

Woo! Time for another...

Ten Minute Freewrite

Admittedly, the name was totally stolen from Undertale. =P The story isn't anything Undertale related though.

But I'm tempted to do an Undertale exploration later. >> 

Anyways, now I'll be doing a freewrite of one of my favorite prompts. . . one that had me literally laughing out loud when I found it. My students seem to enjoy it too. 




“Put down the burger or I swear to god – I’ll shoot you in the knee!”

Nick stopped in the diner with the burger halfway up to his face, his mouth already watering with the thought of a second bite. His eyes scanned the diner for the speaker until they found a shaking policemen pointing a gun in his direction.

Immediately the criminal in his brain went to work.

Young, nervous, shaking, poor form, bad dialogue. . . This guy was a rookie.

Cautiously Nick put the burger back on his plate. Three exits. Plenty of space. Find a weapon. Two knives, a butter knife and a steak knife, sat at his side.

The policeman walked a step closer. “Hands in the air, or I swear I will shoot!”

“Two swears in one day, huh officer?” Nick said, though he didn’t move his hands from the table. One slowly inched its way to the steak knife. “That’s not very PG. Aren’t you cops all PG?”

The officer cocked the gun – for effect, Nick thought, and probably because he had seen far too many cop movies. No experienced cop would ever pull something like this. Heck, if this was an experienced cop, Nick would probably be dead already.

If they could catch him.

They’ll never catch you. Not while you have me.

“Hands up!” the officer shouted and squinted as if ready to pull the trigger.

The criminal in Nick’s head cackled, a crinkly, rusty laugh. Too slow.

Nick snatched up the steak knife and flipped it behind him. It stuck in the officer’s shoulder. He yelped and dropped the gun. It hit the ground with a clang.

Nick leapt up and walked to the officer. The criminal in his head forced a big grin on his face.
“Don’t follow me,” he said.

Then he walked out an exit into the open air, unchallenged.


Huh. A bit more gruesome than some of my previous ones. I do a lot of these, "you've got a second personality in your head" ideas. I guess I must find them fun. XD 

So. . . what happens next? Write the next part and I'll share it. ;) 

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