Monday, January 16, 2017

Ten Minute Freewrite #15 - Grandma

Happy Monday! Time for another. . .

Ten Minute Freewrite

This is the first in a collection of various writing exercises set in one of my writing universes. This one is from the Crystal Keys Saga, a short series that I hope to start up this year. Wish me luck on it. ;) 

Let's get to it! 



Despite living with Kato, Ryouichi and Solana my whole life, I never could get over the sight of a giant, anthropomorphic bat staring at me.

Though to be fair, none of my family are anthropomorphic bats.

One stared at me now, glaring over a pair of very awkward sunglasses. He probably wore them because he thought they made him look cool. All they did was prove how ridiculous a situation this was.

Another bat circled around him, flexing the large wings on his back in shivers, shaking his large ears. “Madam, I fear you are underestimating these kidnappers.”

I narrowed my eyes. “No, sir,” I said, with a steady a voice as I could. “You are underestimating my grandmother. And her team.”

“Her friends, you mean,” the bat said, adjusting the crisp military uniform he wore. “Vagabonds.”

“Heroes,” I snarled.

The bat slammed a fist on the oak desk. “Destroyers.”

“Only of something unfair.”

“And what right do you, a human, have to complain about fairness?” the bat hissed. He leaned on the desk, glaring at me. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of fear. “These kidnappers have taken your brother. They will indoctrinate him or they will kill him. I know Eri was a powerful figure in her time, but she will never be able to stand against an entire army. Especially not one led by a two-bit, rebellious--”

My communicator went off. Well, Ryouichi’s communicator. A small dragon shaped pendant around my neck. I pulled it up and activated it.

Ryouichi’s face came up with a frown. My grandmother, Eri, was sitting behind him, her face a mask.
I couldn’t help my eagerness. “Did you find him?”

“We did,” Ryouichi said, drawing out the words. The bat in front of me cursed. But Ryouichi was hesitating. Something wasn’t right.

“And?” I prompted.

“We’ve. . . hit a snag,” Grandmother said.

My stomach tied itself into knots. 


That was fun. ;) Hopefully we'll see more from these awesome characters as time goes on. 

Got a freewrite prompt suggestion? Write it below! 

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