Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Am Not Beautiful - Meenanful Life

I am not beautiful.

Before you jump down to the comments to flood them with affirmations of "YES YOU ARE", read the rest of the blog post.

I am not beautiful - and I'm okay with that. When I say this, it is a fact of life.

But my friends seem to think this is a declaration of woes. It's not. I just know that, according to modern Western beauty standards, I'm not beautiful.


I am not woeful over this declaration. In fact, it's incredibly liberating. It means I don't have to compete. I don't have to care about my appearance the same way. If I want to teach my classes in jeans and a T-shirt with Phoenix Wright on the front, I can. If I want to show up to a job interview with no makeup and no high heels, I can. If I want to post silly picture of myself on the internet, I can.


I have no shame. XD

Not to say I'm perfect. I certainly am not and I have my moments where I feel ugly and stupid just like everyone else. But I find the longer I live, the more I realize I don't need the consent of others to  just be AWESOME.

The world equates beauty with success and happiness. We see it in movies, video games, TV shows, our jobs, our schools, and pretty much everywhere. Beautiful people are successful people, the world says. And to be fair, part of that is true, unfortunately. We are conditioned to believe beautiful people are trustworthy and successful, so it kind of just HAPPENS sometimes.

But being beautiful does not guarantee success. It takes hard work, dedication, and a desire to make things work. And it definitely doesn't guarantee happiness.

I consider myself a successful and happy person.

I have helped students find their way in the world and have given them confidence in writing, critical thinking, and the ability to succeed in college.

Die by Harry Potter wands, Marshmallow Man!

I have written several books, including a few that have won minor awards.

Still one of my best stories ;)

I have a roof over my head, a car that I love, and food on my table.


And I have a fantastic husband that loves me.

Hubby looking contemplative.

That's success. That's happiness.

And I achieved it without being beautiful.

I feel like too often, we're told that our worth is based on our beauty. That somehow, because I'm not "up to standards" that I should be sad and I should spend my life working toward being beautiful.

I'm sure everyone has felt this at some point.

"You're not pretty enough."
"You're not smart enough."
"You're not worth anything."

We don't do enough in this world to fight people who willingly drag others down. In many ways, the world encourages it.

It's time to fight back.

If you're beautiful, that's awesome. There are plenty of amazing beautiful people out there that use it for all the right reasons.

If you're not beautiful, that's also awesome. You don't have to live by the rules of the world. Be fantastic anyway. Be happy. Be successful.

No matter who you are, be awesome.

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