Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Resolution, 2017 - Meenanful Life


This year's New Years Resolution gif is decidedly not as cool as the previous year. Oh well.

It's a new year and a new time for more resolutions!

Honestly, most of my resolutions are the same... with one important distinction at the end. It's going to be an interesting year - And we need to take it by the horns and shape it the way WE want it, not the way hate wants it.

#1 - Publish three novels and at least four novelettes


I seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY want to get my three novels out this year. I'm close enough that I seriously think I can do it. So I'm going for it. I'M GOING FOR IT.

Why SHOULDN'T I dream big!?

#2 - More blog posts! 

This one will be fairly easy to pull off, since I now have a huge backlog all prepped and ready to go. ;) I'm looking forward to it.

#3 - Do more art. . . and work on improvement. 

Okay, so, one of the things I did this year was take an art class about sketching, one of the major art things that I've always struggled with. So to help me grow, I'm going to try and draw every single day and do a sketch dump every Friday in the blog.

Here's some stuff I've already done. I'm definitely looking forward to more. XD

#4 - More weight loss

If I could do 30 pounds this year, I can do 30 pounds next year! LET'S DO THIS.

#5 - Be nice to people, and protect those being undermined.

Okay. . . this is the biggest one.

Without getting into the politics, I have a lot of friends that are rightly terrified about the future considering some of the things that happened this year. And I don't want them to be worried or afraid. I'm going to continue doing the best I know how to defend the undermined and protect those I care about.

I know it looks hopeless, but with time, love, and a refusal to let hate win, we can make the future into what we want it to be, despite the obstacles. Let's work together and make a brighter future, now more than ever.

If any of you need anything, please talk to me!

Okay, so honestly... not a whole lot different than last year. But it's manageable. Hooray for the future. =)

Let's go out there and make it the best we possibly can.

What are your news years resolutions?

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