Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas! And Gift Giving in Books - Random Musings

Merry Christmas to all! 

(Woo! Confetti, fireworks, yay!)

I love Christmas and the whole tradition of gift giving. It's just a blast. I'm definitely a gift giver, so when the opportunity presents itself, I GIVE. =D

I probably get this habit and love from books.

There are a lot of books that have some scene or other where the characters give each other gifts and they're often my favorite scenes. Gifts are a way for the author to show the relationship between characters. Close characters, specifically, will know each other well enough to give each other gifts that have some kind of significant meaning behind them.

Few authors do this significant gift giving better than M.C.A. Hogarth, especially in her Pelted Universe books, such as the Dreamhealer's series or the Her Instruments series. She even wrote an entire book based on a serial that was centered around the holidays and, in a lot of ways, gift giving.

No gift is wasted. Every gift giving segment was about how significant it was for the people involved, both the giver and the receiver. And anyone who knows the story or characters up to that point knows how important those gifts are.

Gift giving segments are also a nice pastoral time. Books are full of drama and difficulty and conflict because that's what makes a good story. One can't enjoy the pastoral moments without the hardships. So gift giving segments are often a nice cool down period that allows the characters to enjoy the hard earned peace they've been working toward, even if it's only for a moment.

I try to incorporate this into my own gift giving habits. Gifts, in my opinion, are something that should last and should reflect my relationship with whoever I'm giving it to. Gift giving moments are also a time to relax, usually after a stressful semester or a difficult year, depending on the situation. It's our time to enjoy the hard earned peace.

Sometimes, in our hectic, angry world, we forget about the simple gifts. The gift of love, the gift of love, the gift of peace. Yes, we don't always have peace hanging out with us, but we can make happiness if we only choose to.

So even with this weird, yucky year, let's try to remember the good stuff. =)

What do you love about gift giving?

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