Monday, April 4, 2016

Ten Minute Freewrites - Prompt #11 Dark Alleys and Strange Instructions

Hey everyone! Time for another...

Ten Minute Freewrite

Let's tackle something completely different and go for a "you do this" kind of prompt. I generally like to connect my prompts to some kind of existing project, but this time I think I'm gonna freelance it. Let's get started! 


Jasmine stared down the alleyway, baffled. 

“She was just here,” she muttered. “I saw her. Where did she go?” 

She had been following the mysterious figure for over an hour after she saw her snatch a wallet out of someone’s purse. Had it been any normal kind of theft, she might have been inclined to shout or call the police or draw attention in some way. 

But it wasn’t normal. She had been sitting at a table in front of the coffee shop on Magnolia, people watching, as she often did. That’s when she saw the women she had been following stand up and walk by someone’s purse hanging on the back of a chair. The woman had just waved a hand in front of the purse and a wallet appeared in her hands. Jasmine might have passed it off as excellent slight of hand, but then the woman waved her hand again, this time in front of the wallet, and a wad of cash appeared in her fist. The woman then walked off, tossing the wallet over her head. It disappeared in the air. A second later, Jasmine saw the wallet’s owner get into her purse and pull the same wallet out to pay for her food, only to find it mysteriously devoid of money.

None of it made any logical sense. She had to know what was going on. So, like the ignorant, ridiculous person she was, she followed the thief. Along the way, she saw her steal from three more wallets, including from a man who kept his wallet in his pocket. No one noticed a thing.
Who was this woman? 

But she was wondering if she’d ever find out now. She had followed the thief through crowds of people until it finally thinned and the path opened into a dark alleyway. A dead-end alleyway with thick brick walls on all sides, with no doors, windows, or even a fence to climb. 

It also had no mysterious woman thief. 

Jasmine shook her head. Maybe she had been hallucinating. The whole experience was beyond believing anyway. She had just wasted her time searching for something pointless. 

She was about to head home when she heard the unmistakable sound of paper in the wind. She turned down the alley just in time to see a bright yellow envelope flutter down from the sky. She ran down and snatched it from the sky, then ripped it open.

The envelope held a small, square sheet of paper with only a few words in mess, block handwriting. 

“Do you understand?” the paper asked. Jasmine frowned. “Wave your hand in front of the reddest brick on your left.”

“What?” she turned to the left. The bricks looked mostly the same, with a few varying shades of red. But one bright, fire engine red brick stuck out to her. She bit her lower lip and frowned. “Well, here goes nothing.” She waved her hand in front of the brick.


Heh, I tend to end these things on cliffhangers. XD This one was interesting, but not my best writing. It'd probably need a few rewrites to really get things across. 

Got an idea for this prompt? Post your own freewrite down below! Got a prompt you'd like me to try? Post it below! I'd love to hear from you. =)

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