Monday, March 28, 2016

Ten Minute Freewrite - Prompt #10 The Perfect Signal

Hey everyone! We're back and ready to tackle new blogs and stories. So today we start with another....

Ten Minute Freewrite

So let's get started! This is another look into Zyearth's past with the previous Golden Guardians, Dyne Gildspine and Jaden Azure.


“If I need you, I’ll give you a signal,” Dyne said, leaning around the corner. 

The hot sulfur from the mines burned Jaden’s nose and he tried not to sneeze. “What signal?”

“I’ll imitate the scream of a terrified little girl,” Dyne said. 

Jaden refrained from rolling his eyes. “Funny.”
“I thought so.” 

“Are you sure need to do this?” Zander asked. Despite his build, the dark skinned human stood several inches shorter than his zyfaunos companions, and he wore a worried frown. 

“How else are we going to get out of this mess?” Dyne asked. 

Zander hung his head. “Sorry.” 

“It’s not your fault,” Jaden said. 

“Well, it kind of is,” Zander said. “If you had just taken off without me, we wouldn’t need to be in such a disastrous situation.” 

“You know we wouldn’t have done that,” Jaden said, a slight growl in his voice. 

“That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have done it.” 

“Shut up, both of you,” Dyne said. “I need to concentrate or I’ll miss my window.” 

Jaden shut his mouth. He watched Dyne tense up, ready to pounce, though he noticed the nervousness in his partner. He had made a good point when he volunteered for this part of the operation. His golden brown fur and quills and his uncanny quickness meant that he was the best man for this part of the job. But that didn’t mean Jaden had to be happy about it.

A minute passed before Dyne moved again. Quick as a fox, he rounded the corner and disappeared from sight. A spike of adrenaline ran up Jaden’s spine. He held his long sword in his hand and drew on his powers, letting little fragments of ice circle his body.

“Why didn’t you leave me behind?” 

Jaden frowned and faced his human companion. It wasn’t often that he worked with humans, but in Zander’s case, it had been necessary. Work with him, or leave him to die. 

“We’re Defenders,” Jaden said. “Plain and simple. It would be an insult to our titles if we chose to ignore you when you needed us.” 

Zander held something out in his hand. “And you’re sure it didn’t have anything to do with this?” 

Jaden eyed the object. A Zyearthling Lexi Gem. How a colorless, unbound one had ended up this far from Zyearth he didn’t know, but it was here and somehow, it was bound to this human. A feat once thought impossible. They simply didn’t have the biology to deal with the stresses of binding. 

Yet, here was a bound human, holding a bound Gem, black with a bright blue starburst in the center. Right in front of him. 

Jaden shrugged like it was no big deal. “Maybe a little.” 

“It’s that unusual?” 

Jaden met Zander’s unnatural blue eyes, a feature that the human claimed appeared after his Gem binding. “Zander, no human in history has ever been bound to a Gem. It simply doesn’t happen. In fact,” he added grimly, “All documented attempts have ended in death for the human.” 

Zander’s face paled and he looked ill. “That would explain a lot.” 

Jaden raised an eyebrow and perked an ear. “What?” 

Just then, they heard Dyne’s named signal echoing through the mines.


I've been playing with the idea of a bound human in the Zyearth world for a while.... this might be one to add to the archives and explore in greater depth. ;) 

Write your own and post it! Also, give me suggestions! Got a freewrite post you'd like to see me attempt? Link it in the comments below! 

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