Monday, February 1, 2016

Ten Minute Freewrites - Prompt #10 The Price

Time for some more...

Ten Minute Freewrites

Yay! Let's try a brand new type of prompt. I found an amazing Tumblr that has some AWESOME writing prompts and I pretty much spent the better part of two days sifting through all the prompts trying to gather up the best ones. Go check out this person's tumblr for some awesome story ideas!

Here's one of my favorites so far.

Let's take a crack at it. It's a bit different than the ones I've done in the past, so let's see if I can handle this new one!



"Are you comfortable in there?"

Arin adjusted his arm in the tight, mechanized armor. He grinned. Ever since his injury a year ago, he had been confined to a wheelchair, which, for someone as athletic as him, had been its own personal hell. To just be able to stand. What a feeling! "Fits like a glove."

"Good," the technician said. Arin heard beeps in his new helmet. "This one is special, you know."

"Everyone keeps telling me that, but no one has told me what that even means yet," Arin said. "Frankly, it's kind of driving me up the wall."

The technician snickered. "I feel your pain. I don't know what it is either, to be honest. That's the brainchild of Dr. Burns. She'll talk you through it."

Arin rolled his eyes. "The paranoia of the military knows no bounds."

"Tell me about it." Arin watched as the technician made some final adjustments on the suit, then took a step back. Several more technicians stood around him, looking over bio signs and computer tablets, but most of the team that had gotten Arin into his suit had left already.

The lead technician looked him over with a slight frown. "There's an obstacle course behind you. You're welcome to mess around with anything there and get used to the suit. Dr. Burns should be here soon."

Arin lifted an eyebrow. "She's not here already?"

"She got called away on some important meeting and is running late," the technician said. "By the time we got the memo, we were already half way through getting this suit on you. No reason to stop." He waved at the obstacle course. "It's all yours for now. We'll be here if something in the suit goes wrong, but don't expect too much observation. We're not really trained for that kind of thing."

"Understood," Arin said. He turned and faced the obstacle course. Each step almost felt like he was floating off the ground. Despite the heavy weight of the armor, he felt lighter than air. "Be back in a bit."

"I'll let you know when Dr. Burns gets here." The technician walked off, following his companions out of the room.

And Arin let loose. It felt amazing to jump through hoops, scale tall walls, and run up steep slopes like he was a kid on the playground. The suit moved perfectly. Oh to be able to run again! The wheelchair episode had certainly made him appreciate what it meant to be perfectly abled, but by God had he missed being able to walk. He was just lucky that the loss of his legs qualified him for this new suit program. It was utterly amazing.

But not without price.

The voice echoed through Arin's helmet and the pure shock of it caused him to trip on a nearby dumbbell and crash to the ground. He winced. The armor didn't completely protect him it seemed.

He stood up. What was that?

A ghost in the machine, if you don't mind me using an antiquated term.

"What?" He glanced around. None of the technicians were near. And was that voice responding to his thoughts? "Who's there?"

The price, the voice said. For that suit. 

That's when Arin realized that the voice was coming from inside his head.


Now that's a SERIOUSLY. FUN. STORY. WOW! I can't wait to keep going. Woo! These ten minute freewrites are seriously a blast.

What should I write about next? Give me some suggestions!

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