Monday, January 25, 2016

Ten Minute Freewrites - Prompt #9 Prison Cell

It's that time again! Time for another

Ten Minute Freewrite

I swear I'm going to collect the best ones here and expand them all someday. They're too much fun!

Today is (yes) ANOTHER dialogue prompt since these seem to be doing so well with my writing. This one though has some Zyearth attached to it. ;) Let's see what we can do with this one.



"Well, this is a nice change of scenery."

Jaden eyed his partner. "It's a prison cell."

"I was being sarcastic," Dyne said, rolling his eyes. "You should try it sometime. It might help you face difficult things with a better attitude."

Jaden ran a white furred finger over the back wall of their cell. It came back grimy and black. He wrinkled his snout in disgust. "When I want some therapy advice, I'll ask you. For now, keep your mouth shut."

"Oh come off it," Dyne said. He shook his head, raining water from his thick golden brown quills onto the dirt floor. He slid sideways, trying to get out of the way of the leaky roof, but his new spot wasn't much better. "These primitive morons don't even speak English. They can't freakin' understand me."

"I suspect that's what got us landed here in the first place," Jaden said. "They may not have understood your words, but your body language wasn't exactly friendly."

"Well, neither were their crossbows," Dyne said. "They started it."

Jaden shook his head, his short white quills dripping with water. He allowed himself a smirk. Yeah, the cell might have been a bit of an issue, but he'd seen worse. This was a minor setback at best.

Dyne did some quick stretches against the wall. "So what's the plan?"

Jaden opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say anything, a snag came rolling up. One of the four armed, eight foot tall guards ambled up on their unguligrade legs carrying something in crook of his loose skinned arms.

Jaden craned his neck to see what it was, but the guard held out an electric stick and poked both Jaden and Dyne away from the door. He mumbled something in that impossible language of his, dropped their new friend on the dirt floor, then locked up the door again. 

Jaden reached down to the new body on the ground. Dyne gasped as Jaden flipped the creature around. 

Staring up at them, bruised and broken, was a human.


More fun! =D I might use this one too. ;) 

What should I write about next? Give me suggestions!

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