Monday, January 11, 2016

Ten Minute Freewrites - Prompt #7 Three Universes

It's that time again!

Ten Minute Freewrites! 


Today's freewrite is a dialogue prompt. Sometimes those are really fun, but sometimes they're a bit restricting. We'll see which one this is today.


"Three universes exist," the man said, staring at me from behind the table. "You're not supposed to be in all three."

I blinked at him, trying to calm my hands as I took a sip of coffee. An hour ago I would have laughed about the idea of "three universes." An hour ago I would have scoffed at him, called him a nut job and sent him on his way.

But an hour ago I saw three ghostly versions of myself walk through my kitchen. One made a cup of coffee. One made a piece of toast. I had been making eggs, but what remained of my breakfast now decorated my floor and stove.

My ghostly dopplegangers, to their credit, reacted the same way when they saw me. Coffee spilled all over the floor and who knows where the toast went when one of my doubles threw it behind her head with a scream.

I did what any normal human being should do. I called the police. Turns out, that was not the right thing to do. They literally laughed until I hung up. Must be a slow day at the office.

But fifty minutes later someone knocked and a man dressed in a skin tight, red jump suit appeared at my door. He looked so completely out of place, like some kind of Power Ranger without the belt and helmet, but at the same time, he looked completely normal, like I expected to see him on the street.

Now he just looked weary, staring at me from across my table.

"Are you sure you should be drinking that?" the man asked, pointing to my coffee.

"I need to relax," I said, my voice cracking.

"And I'm sure coffee will help you with that tremendously," he said with an obviously well exercised sarcasm.

I sneered. "Shut up. I need my coffee."

"So does one of your doubles, if what you told me was correct," the man said. "If you're not careful, you might collapse the two universes." I froze with the mug at my lips. He leaned in on the table. "I'll ask again. Are you sure you should be drinking that?"

I put the mug down. "No."

"Good." he sat back in the chair. "As I was saying--"

"Could I really collapse the universe if I drank coffee at the same time as one of my doubles?" I blurted.

The man smiled. He reached across the table and plucked the mug from my side. "No, but I had to say something to get you to take that caffine menace from your lips."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "You're an asshole."

He rolled his eyes. "Lady, if you knew half the things I dealt with on a regular basis, you might be a little more forgiving. Your two doubles are."

A shudder ran up my spine. I had a feeling I was in this for the long haul.


Wow. That was fun! Add this to the list of things I want to continue for a fun short story. =D I challenge readers to write something in response to this post. OR, something that might be more fun, write a continuation to what I've written...

Go do it!


  1. "So," he continued, "we don't have time, linearly speaking, to go into the How, right now, but I will go into the What. There are other dimensions."


    "Simultaneous, infinite possibilities."

    "Look, I watch as much Universe as the next person, what's going on?"

    He regarded me over the table, then eyed the coffee cup, as if it were to blame for my anxious questions. As if my gaze, darting around in search of more ghost-me's, was a result of caffeine, not...seeing ghost-me's. I pressed my palms on the table. "I'm listening."

    He sat back, and swiped straight lines in the air with two fingers, like a bar code. "Picture each dimension as a rope, right? Laying side by side, stretching back and forth through infinity, parallel, but never touching." He paused, as if to test my anxiousness. Like a border collie catching on, I waited. I listened. I didn't see any ghost-me's, which helped. The corner of his mouth curved in approval, and he answered my silent, patient (I thought), question.

    "You've spliced."

    "What the hell?"

    "A splice is when--"

    "I know what splicing is! Why did this happen?"

    "Well." His look of approval brightened into a plain grin. "That's what I'm here--and there--to find out. Do you think this is the first time this has happened to anyone in the history of linear time?"

    I wanted to ask why he kept saying linear time instead of just time, but I also didn't want to start that conversation. "No?"

    "Very good." He slapped the table and stood. "Let's go."

    1. Oooo, I like that!! Would you mind if I continued it in a later Ten Minute Freewrite?


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