Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rain, Cats, and Memories - Meenanful Life

It's finally raining in Riverside, so Joe​ and I have the balcony door open to listen and smell.

The cats always love it when we do this. They put their faces right up to the screen and spend long hours sleeping near the open door.

I've always wondered what our cat Annie thinks about it. Annie was an outdoor cat when we first found her. We had just moved into a house in Riverside and Annie basically moved into the backyard. At first she was just friendly with us, then we started feeding her, and then one day she just walked into the house and that was that. 

But for the first year of her time with us, she lived exclusively outdoors. That meant when it rained, she had to find shelter in the form of bushes, trees, and on rare occasions, our patio.

I am not the cat you are looking for...
Her food too, was mostly whatever she could catch. We saw several occasions where she caught squirrels and birds to supplement the dry cat food we fed her. She honestly seemed to prefer it.

When we moved, we decided we couldn't let Annie stay behind. By that point, Annie was frequently inside and generally got along okay with the other cats, but she still spent a majority of her time outside.

Much against her will, at least at first, we caught her, put her in a cat carrier, and took her along with us to the new home.

She was scared and mad at us for a while. She hid most of the day and tried to get outside whenever the opportunity presented itself. We had decided though, that the moment we brought her in, she'd be a strictly indoor cat. Indoor cats live longer, healthier lives and we wanted the best for Annie.

It took a while, but she adjusted. 

Oh how nice, you emptied the laundry basket for me!
Sorry, couch is full.

The dish has an empty spot in it. Clearly you mean for me to starve.
Annie has been exclusively indoors for almost five years now. She hasn't set foot outside in all that time. So it makes me wonder. Does she have memories the same way people do?

Like, as she's watching the rain, does she think about the days she used to spend sleeping in it? Does she remember that she once had to hunt to make a living? Does she remember the life she once had and does she compare it to the life she has now?

I don't know if cats have the ability to think this far back and make comparisons, but it's an interesting thought. It's certainly something that makes me think back to my old life.

Overall, my life has been pretty good, though I did go through some difficult things during my young life. My father died when I was 12. We were forced to leave our comfortable home and move into a trailer for many years. The church we were going to at the time abandoned us and the pastor spread rumors making it impossible to get into other churches in the area. We really struggled financially and sometimes food was a problem.

But I wouldn't trade those experiences for the world. Now I live in a comfortable home with my husband. We're not rich, but we're blessed and we don't have to worry about having enough on the table. God brought us to a wonderful church that feels like home. We have a loving, supportive family and great friends.

Yeah, I had difficult times in the past, but the future is looking bright. =)

I hope Annie sees the same thing with her life.

How has your life changed over the years? Share in the comments below. =)

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  1. Always good to look back and analyze things. I know we've sure come a long way, to a much better place. :-)


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