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New Year's Resolutions, 2015 - Meenanful Life

Yup, it's that time of year again. Time for New Year's Resolutions!


Normally I start these off by examining how I did on last year's resolutions, but.... looking through my old blog posts, I discovered very quickly that I have done horribly at them. My summer examination was crap, as seen from this early part of an unpublished post.

#1 - Plan out my day... and stick to that plan.

Ha! ha ha ha ha ha... wait, were you serious? 

Yeah.... pretty much all my resolutions came out like that. I think I'll ignore them and just move on instead. Let's look at some new ones instead! This year, I'm going to try and keep things simple. I always pile on SO many resolutions that it's impossible to get anywhere with them. Not this year. 

#1 - Publish three books. 

Here I am talking about making things easier on me and my first resolution already seems IMPOSSIBLE. Yay! X

So here's the plan. I want to have three different novels going so when I get bored with one, I have another I can work on and still feel productive. I've already got two of them outlined and I'm working on the third. 

Two of the novels are the first books of two brand new series. One of them is revisiting this thing..

I guarantee that logo will be completely redone before the first book comes out. >>

I originally wanted to do this story as a comic book, as I've mentioned before, but my art skills just aren't up to snuff. So I thought I'd tackle it as a book. I didn't think it'd WORK as a book, but the stories I've written for it so far seem to be pretty dang good, so I'm going to give a full novel a shot.

Another one I'm working on is a feral animal story using mythological creatures... including manticores as my primary creatures.

I've just never seen a feral animal story with manticores as the main characters, so I thought I'd give it a shot. The outline just flew from my finger tips so I'm hoping the novel itself will too. 

Finally, I'm giving book two of Zyearth a go. 

Right now book two is tentatively called "Brotherly War" but we'll see if it stays that way.

#2 - More blog posts.

I'm not going to specify how many blog posts a week or anything like that. Instead, I'd like to just write MORE. I'd like to at least keep the Ten Minute Freewrite Mondays but other than that, the rest is just whenever I have a chance.

#3 - Actually lose weight, or at least be more active.

I know I do this one every year, but I'm sick of being fat so I'm going to actually do something about it. Screw this weight!

#4 - Do more art

Again, I'm not going to be specific with this. I just want to do some art, but I'm not concerned about how much and when to do it. I just want to force myself to do more! I'd like to get some busts done for my website, but I'll take my time on that.

And... I think that's it.

I really don't want to force myself to do more than that. I'm teaching full time this semester and I'm supporting Joe while he goes through nursing school, so anymore and I'm going to be overwhelmed! Don't want too much whelm. XD

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

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