Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Resolution, 2017 - Meenanful Life


This year's New Years Resolution gif is decidedly not as cool as the previous year. Oh well.

It's a new year and a new time for more resolutions!

Honestly, most of my resolutions are the same... with one important distinction at the end. It's going to be an interesting year - And we need to take it by the horns and shape it the way WE want it, not the way hate wants it.

#1 - Publish three novels and at least four novelettes


I seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY want to get my three novels out this year. I'm close enough that I seriously think I can do it. So I'm going for it. I'M GOING FOR IT.

Why SHOULDN'T I dream big!?

#2 - More blog posts! 

This one will be fairly easy to pull off, since I now have a huge backlog all prepped and ready to go. ;) I'm looking forward to it.

#3 - Do more art. . . and work on improvement. 

Okay, so, one of the things I did this year was take an art class about sketching, one of the major art things that I've always struggled with. So to help me grow, I'm going to try and draw every single day and do a sketch dump every Friday in the blog.

Here's some stuff I've already done. I'm definitely looking forward to more. XD

#4 - More weight loss

If I could do 30 pounds this year, I can do 30 pounds next year! LET'S DO THIS.

#5 - Be nice to people, and protect those being undermined.

Okay. . . this is the biggest one.

Without getting into the politics, I have a lot of friends that are rightly terrified about the future considering some of the things that happened this year. And I don't want them to be worried or afraid. I'm going to continue doing the best I know how to defend the undermined and protect those I care about.

I know it looks hopeless, but with time, love, and a refusal to let hate win, we can make the future into what we want it to be, despite the obstacles. Let's work together and make a brighter future, now more than ever.

If any of you need anything, please talk to me!

Okay, so honestly... not a whole lot different than last year. But it's manageable. Hooray for the future. =)

Let's go out there and make it the best we possibly can.

What are your news years resolutions?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Year's Resolutions Year-End Checkup - Meenanful Life

OMG It's my birthday! WOOOOOOOOOO

Hooboy. Time for some New Years Resolutions again. Gonna do the year-end check up first. >> We'll see how well I did.

I... don't have a lot of hope for the future. =P But bear with me. Let's take a look at how I handled 2016!

#1 - Publish three books.

Hahahahahahhaha nope. I did manage to publish two novelettes though! So that's honestly not too bad. It could be worse.

The first is another Zyearth novelette, the companion story to White Assassin.

Tanned Hide hasn't had many sales on Amazon, but I've had a lot of people buy the physical copy from me. It's a story that seems to really attract people. 

Hopefully it'll be free up on Amazon soon, but for now, you can get it free off my website by clicking here.

The second was the very first Weredriver story - Deadly Victory, an Airton Paredes novelette and winner of an honorable mention from Writers of the Future.

This is PROBABLY the weirdest story I've ever written. Formula One style fiction with werebeasts. WOO. 

In addition to the novelettes, I DID get a ton of writing in the series I was trying to tackle. Maybe I'll get them all out next year, with luck. 

So... not quite a success, but not quite a fail either. 

#2 - More Blog Posts Let's skip this one. >> 

#3 - Actually lose weight, or at least be more active.

For once, I can say, this one has gone WELL. I lost 30 pounds this year and I'm changing up my eating habits a LOT. I'm feeling success from this one. =3 

It's not perfect yet, but I'm well on my way and I feel so much BETTER. It's wonderful. 

#4 - Do More Art

This one... this one was my greatest success. 

LOOK at all of it. And this doesn't even include the 25+ sketches that I did for Inktober this year. I'm on a ROLL.

I plan to do even more next year though. A LOT more. Sketches galore, with a weekly blog post to boot. ;) Gotta get those skills up! 

Not too bad this year! Probably my best year yet. 

Next Friday, new resolutions! 

How did you do on YOUR resolutions this year? 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas! And Gift Giving in Books - Random Musings

Merry Christmas to all! 

(Woo! Confetti, fireworks, yay!)

I love Christmas and the whole tradition of gift giving. It's just a blast. I'm definitely a gift giver, so when the opportunity presents itself, I GIVE. =D

I probably get this habit and love from books.

There are a lot of books that have some scene or other where the characters give each other gifts and they're often my favorite scenes. Gifts are a way for the author to show the relationship between characters. Close characters, specifically, will know each other well enough to give each other gifts that have some kind of significant meaning behind them.

Few authors do this significant gift giving better than M.C.A. Hogarth, especially in her Pelted Universe books, such as the Dreamhealer's series or the Her Instruments series. She even wrote an entire book based on a serial that was centered around the holidays and, in a lot of ways, gift giving.

No gift is wasted. Every gift giving segment was about how significant it was for the people involved, both the giver and the receiver. And anyone who knows the story or characters up to that point knows how important those gifts are.

Gift giving segments are also a nice pastoral time. Books are full of drama and difficulty and conflict because that's what makes a good story. One can't enjoy the pastoral moments without the hardships. So gift giving segments are often a nice cool down period that allows the characters to enjoy the hard earned peace they've been working toward, even if it's only for a moment.

I try to incorporate this into my own gift giving habits. Gifts, in my opinion, are something that should last and should reflect my relationship with whoever I'm giving it to. Gift giving moments are also a time to relax, usually after a stressful semester or a difficult year, depending on the situation. It's our time to enjoy the hard earned peace.

Sometimes, in our hectic, angry world, we forget about the simple gifts. The gift of love, the gift of love, the gift of peace. Yes, we don't always have peace hanging out with us, but we can make happiness if we only choose to.

So even with this weird, yucky year, let's try to remember the good stuff. =)

What do you love about gift giving?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cliches You're Not Supposed To Like (But I Do Anyway) - Random Musings

If you're a writer, a reader, or a peruser of any kind of entertainment media, you know what a cliche is. It's that same trope that you've seen over and over and over again in a thousand forms six ways til Tuesday and it's become TIRED.

As a reader, I'm supposed to scoff at cliches. It's a great way to automatically dismiss a book. "Oh man, that book is SOOO cliche. Don't bother with it."

As a writer, I'm supposed to DESPISE cliches. "Oh, I am so ABOVE the standard dystopian cliches and I am therefore a thousand times better than the author of The Hunger Games."

But... confession time.... There are some cliches that I like.

And I have a weird relationship with them too. If I see these cliches in any form of media, it really does become a way to dismiss it. It makes it too easy to predict. The first Avengers movie is a good example of that. I teach The Avengers in my classes, so I've seen it more times than I care to discuss, and the main reason I teach it is to talk about STEREOTYPES and CLICHES. I swear the movie gets worse every time I watch it.

But if I'm WRITING the cliche, or IMAGINING it, I'm cool with it.

Yes I am strange.

Here's some cliches that I'm supposed to hate, but I actually love.

- The "Guy Nearly Dies Trying To Save Their Love" Cliche 

This cliche doesn't only apply to guys, though I generally write it as such. It also can be modified as "Guy Hurts Himself Protecting His Friends" cliche as well.

This cliche generally works best if the person getting hurt used to be a selfish jerk.

Both Tangled and the first Pirates of the Caribbean films tackled this cliche head on.

Smooth and Smarmy

I took it a step further in a Pirates of the Caribbean fan fiction and had Jack Sparrow nearly bleed to death in a dank cave. XD

...Needless to say, that story will never see the light of day again.

I like this one because I like the idea of someone moving from selfish prick to self sacrificing human being willing to die for his friends. It's an ideal character arch that almost never happens in real life, but that level of selflessness is something I admire. Call me a hopeless romantic.

 - The "Mary Sue/Gary Stu That Everyone Loves To Protect And Will Do Anything For" Cliche

I tend to go for the Gary Stus (the male version) of this one than the Mary Sues. For some reason the idea of a handful of HAWT GUYS willing to throw themselves into danger to protect some clueless chick puts me off.

Here's looking at you Bella
(How come every picture of Bella Swan has her with that same blank, lips-half-parted expression?)

And I know that's a bit of a contradiction, considering the first cliche can EASILY become the Mary Sue cliche... I think the difference between the two though, is that in the Selfless Guy cliche, the focus is on the guy's change and the Mary Sue cliche is focused on the girl's static personality.

A good real world example for this is, believe it or not, The Doctor from Doctor Who.


In the Tenth Doctor's final episodes fighting the Dallaks, all his past friends and companions are willing to throw caution to the wind and fight whatever comes their way to not only protect the Doctor, but also to fight aliens just like he does.

The Doctor HATES this fact though, which kind of makes it even better, since the Mary Sue girls tend to bask in it and use it to manipulate the guys that are following them.

In my own writing, the character Leah Nealia was original like that.

Leah was originally named Rachel and she was a self-insert that kind of grew too big for her own stories. Rachel's point was originally a way for me to write myself into my own stories and she was never supposed to see the light of day.

She had other plans. =P

Since then she's lost her Mary Sue status, but I still enjoy reading those old stories with her in it...

I suppose I like this one because I like the idea of inspiring someone to try and be bigger than they are, or that there are people out there that are THAT charismatic that people flock to them.

- The "Shy, Quiet, Or Computer Nerd Guy Becomes A Badss Even Though Its Against His Character" Cliche

I'll admit. I'm drawn to the nerdy, glasses wearing characters with a posh British accent that are destined to sit at a computer desk and make wry comments about or shy conversations with everyone else while they go off and do badass things.

A good example of this is like, Otacon from Metal Gear Solid or Shawn Hastings from Assassin's Creed.


Neither character would do well on the field. They're designed to be support, hands down.

But I've imagined stories where the main villain gets the Good Guy and it's up to the Tech Support people to save the day!

Yeah? Anyone?

Okay, honestly, it's one of those things that would just NEVER WORK in the real world, because people would automatically be all, "That's ridiculous! They'd never have the skills to do that!"

Which is TECHNICALLY true.... But the idea still appeals to me. Probably because I'd like to be that kind of person, you know?

I've never actually written a story like this... but I have imagined a whole novel idea around Shawn Hastings and his RISE TO BECOME A PROPER ASSASSIN.

DEFINITELY not an assassin.
 ....But that's something that'll never leave my head. Ever. 

I suppose I also like the idea of people breaking out of the stereotypes and labels.

The Disney movie Sky High did this, though I'd argue they broke the cliche wide open.

In Sky High, students are given two "tracts" to follow, depending on what their super power is. They are either heroes or sidekicks ("Hero Support"). This is based on their powers alone, and of course all the cliche powers like super strength, super speed, laser eyes, that kind of thing, are all deemed Super Hero Powers, whereas things like super smarts, plant manipulation, and the ability to transform into a gerbil are all deemed Sidekick material.

In the end, it IS the heroes that are captured and stopped and it's up to the sidekicks to come Save The Day. Which they do, spectacularly, which breaks the cliche, rises them above their labels, and generally spreads a message that we are more than the labels we are given.

As a teacher, I see students all the time that fall into the trap of believing labels and letting that control them. I want so much more for them than that.

- The "Deus Ex Machina" Cliche

This one is probably the biggest one. And this is one I'm not ashamed to use in official published stories.

Now this one has to be handled carefully. A writer could easily toss a standard Deus Ex Machina in the story that basically ruins all the other character's backstories and character arcs in one fell swoop.

A sad example of Deux Ex Machina comes from Lord of the Rings, mostly movies. And we all know what it is.

The Eagles.

They've been made fun of more times than I can imagine. Any time Gandalf or the Fellowship or the traveling dwarves are in trouble, the Eagles come in and save the day.

The books are SLIGHTLY better at explaining it, but the movie is so poor at doing so that EVERYONE has made fun of it.

But an example of a GOOD Deus Ex Machina comes in the form of The Chronicles of Narnia.

In The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, the story's climax pits Peter and Edmund against The White Witch with a small army. They're losing people left and right, partially to the Witch's spell of turning people into stone, and partially to death and injury. Everything is looking completely hopeless.

Enter Aslan.

Aslan, previously thought dead, is the only creature in Narnia that the Witch truly fears, and the only one really able to turn the tide of war. He comes against the Witch bringing fresh Narnian soldiers and the ability to cure the ones who have been turned to stone. Suddenly it looks like they have a chance!


These are the kinds of moments where the hopeless moments suddenly feel less hopeless.

Similar things happened the Lord of the Rings when the Rohan soldiers arrive at the battle of Helms Deep with Gandalf, or when Aragorn brings an undefeatable army of GHOSTS to the battle of Gondor.

It also happens in Harry Potter when Neville Longbottom is suddenly able to pull the Sword of Godric Gryffindor out of the Sorting Hat (which, coincidentally, is also the Shy Guy Turned AWESOME cliche) and is able to destroy Nagini and save the day.

These examples MODIFY the original example and change it into something new and different. Rather than an unlikely act of God saving the day, it's the unlikely act of another hero saving the day.

I have a couple of stories that use this idea. For one, there is a character floating around called The Black Cloak (I'm so mysterious!) that comes in and sometimes saves the day with these Deus Ex Machina things. But there's also a couple of novels where this thing is CRUCIAL to the climax.

People will often tell me that I need to let the heroes fight their own way out of their powers. And I sort of agree with that. For major climaxes, yes, I think the heroes should find their own way. But sometimes there's nothing cooler than the Rescuing Heroes saving the day after everything looks hopeless.

Maybe I like this because I think it's important to admit we need help sometimes. There's no shame in asking for help, or praying that something will come your way to get you out of a situation you can't fix yourself. I want people to remember that, and I want them to cheer when someone comes to the rescue of Our Heroes.

Future Zyearth Fans
All these cliches end up being about PEOPLE.

The Self Sacrificing Character cliche holds up an idealistic trait that may inspire people to be better.

The Mary Sue/Gary Stu cliche (in some instances) holds up an ideal human being, one that would hopefully inspire people to be better as well.

The Shy Guy Turned Awesome cliche encourages people to break way from the labels they are given in life and become their own person.

And the Deus Ex Machina cliche reminds us that we sometimes need outside help and there's no shame in accepting it.

All of these are things that could make the world a better place, or at the very least, help us to believe in a world that can be better than the one we're stuck in. Hopefully we can be inspired to go out and make that world.

Good books will make a reader think and learn and give them a desire to change themselves and the world around them.


What cliches do you guys enjoy that the world says you shouldn't like? Share below!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Year's Resolution Checkup - Meeanful Life

WOW it's been too long since I've been on here.

Okay, since I've just started the new Fall Semester at my schools and since we're technically nearing the end of 2016, I thought it'd be a good time to review my New Year's Resolutions so far.

Hoo boy.

In my New Year's Resolutions post, I mentioned that I didn't want to give myself insurmountable tasks in the hopes of actually GETTING STUFF DONE this year.  Let's see how well I followed my own advice.

#1 - Publish three books. 

This was... ambitious to say the least. But I'm doing better on it than I could have imagined. 

Weredriver has a fully completed short story that hopefully will see the light of day soon. And I've got just about 6,000 words on the first novel done, plus a complete outline. 

I even have a Facebook page and a website... and, thanks to the awesome Omni Jacala, I also have a new logo. 

I also have some art done of the main character from the first novel. 

Obviously that's not a full novel. I doubt I'll get a full one done before the end of the year. But it's a darn good start! 

My manticore story is going well too. 

Got my first full character down, and about 10,000 words of book one. It's moving so smoothly. The outline was easy to write, so the novel itself is going well too. And it's REALLY FUN to describe feral animals moving around. 

That one doesn't have a logo yet, but I'll get there! 

Zyearth book two though, is the biggest leap. Over the course of the summer, I got down over 42,000 words. I'm well into the half way mark. Right now, the tentative title is Brothers at Arms. We'll see if it stays that way or not. 

I'm having SUCH a blast writing it. It's practically writing itself. This one I'm hoping to have out by the end of the year, but we'll see if it makes it that far or not. 

#2 - More blog posts.

Eh, not TOO bad. I didn't really keep up that well over the summer, but I've had several posts since then. I just gotta work at it more.

#3 - Actually lose weight, or at least be more active.

That one is... still in the works. >>

#4 - Do more art


  That I kind of went a little bit nuts on. I did all these in the span of a couple of weeks, which is a crazy turn around for me. I'm hoping I'll eventually get back to it and finish all the character busts for The Stolen Guardian.

Overall, not too bad then! Hopefully the end of the year will see me being even more productive.

R. A. Meenan - Out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Oh, The Impact You Can Have - Teacher Life

Wow. Just wow. I am completely floored by the generosity and kindness of my students.

Today was the last day with one of my English 103 classes, a class that emphasizes critical thinking by pushing student buttons on hot social topics (No "safe spaces" here).

I try to make my classes as fun as possible. No one said that classes HAVE to be hard in order for people to learn something. I try to be open too, and get to know my students personally, as much as possible. Connections like this is what helps students to learn and grow.

Today I saw just how much I can impact a student's life.

Since we are required to do something for a final, even if it's not a final test, I chose to make today a haven for my students. They could come in and do make up freewrites or talk to me about their papers, or even just work on something for another class. Or, if they really wanted to, they could just come and chill in a comfortable environment during finals week. We made it a potluck.

It was completely optional, but ALL of my students were there, save two, and one of those two had told me two weeks ago why she wouldn't be there.

Several students bought me gifts. GIFTS. I've never had students buy me gifts. And these guys are amazing. They knew exactly what kind of gift I'd like.

One student bought me two Pokemon tumbler cups, with Pikachu and Squirtle on them, wrapped in pawprint wrapping paper because she knows I love Pokemon and animals.

Another bought me a beautiful leather journal, a sketchbook, and a gorgeous set of colored pencils. She knows I love to color and write and draw. But the biggest gift is the thank you card she wrote. She told me that I was the only teacher she felt completely and 100% comfortable with all semester and she thanked me for helping her through all the difficulties she faced this semester. I'm so glad I was able to do something so nice for her.

Another student got me a canvas box that says "Mischief Managed" on it, with a set of footprints underneath. She knows I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I've been encouraging her all semester to read Harry Potter, despite the fact that she has dyslexia. She fell in love with it. She actually told me that she HATED English at the beginning of the semester... but now she's planning to become an English teacher because of the experience she had in my class. How amazing is that?

Another student gave me an old key with the word Zyearth stamped on it. It's like the key to my novels. It now hangs on my keyring as a reminder of why I write. So amazing.

Many of my students came up to me during class and told me how much I had changed them this semester, just being a caring teacher and opening their minds. I have never given so many hugs to students before. 

But I think the biggest and most important gift came in the form of one of the thank you cards I received.

One student told me that she is so glad she took a chance in my class, because by doing so, she got put into a group with two amazing girls. And during the last two weeks, those girls gave their hearts to Jesus.

Wow. I teared up reading that.

I am openly Christian with my students, regardless of what school I'm in. As anyone who knows me knows, I am open to people of all religions because Jesus loves everyone, and I certainly don't push Christianity on anyone, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be shy about my beliefs.

So to hear my student say how far our combined influence was able to impact two amazing people was just completely mind blowing.

She started the thank you card with a quote from St. Francis of Assisi, who is my confirmation saint, which made the card that much more special.

I once complained to my friend Brandon that sometimes I just see how many problems the world has and I feel like I can't ever do enough to try and fix things. It's overwhelming. But he said something to me that I'll never forget.

"You have dedicated your life to the betterment of others."

Today I see just how true that statement is and how much impact it actually has.

This is why I am a teacher.

Thank you guys.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Ten Minute Freewrites - Prompt #12 The New Sky King

Hey everyone! It's Monday! Time for another....

Ten Minute Freewrite

Today's freewrite gives a basic shoutout to The Summer King Chronicles (There's a kickstarter going on right now for book four.... GO TO IT. You won't regret it.). Jess, you might recognize something with this one. ;)

Either way, here's the prompt! Enjoy the story.


Miraj pulled himself out of the liquid filled tub, then stumbled to his knees on the cold, septic floor of the lab, squawking and hacking green bile from his stomach. 

Squawking. Maybe the experiment was a success. Too bad he was too busy coughing his organs out of his mouth to care. 

He lifted his head, drawing in every breath he could, sucking in air, forcing his body to function. He felt heavier than he could remember. A weight pulled down on his shoulders, something ran down his spine and brushed against the bottoms of his feet, and his hands, if indeed they were hands, felt clammy and dry, despite the thin layer of liquid covering his body. 

He felt distant too, as if this wasn’t his actual body. More like he was puppeteering someone else’s body. Very strange. 

He opened his eyes to total darkness. But the world around him wasn’t completely dark. After a moment of adjustment, he discovered he could see almost as well as if it were day. 

The experiment was a success. But it wasn’t supposed to be. He was supposed to die! Give himself up to experimenting instead of facing death on Death Row. He pulled himself to his feet. 

His feet. He looked down and gasped. Instead of human feet, they were lion paws, furry, dark blue, tipped in gold. His legs bent funny, like the back legs of wild cat, forcing him to stand on his toes to keep balance. 

He glanced at his hands. They, too, were different and… wrong. Instead of five human fingers, four clawed “fingers” reached up at him, like the feet of a bird, golden brown and scaly. 

He backed up from the tube, struggling to find something to sit on. He found an office chair, tried to sit, and found a long feathered tail running down his back. 

And more than that, he had wings. He ran his new fingers down the flight feathers, too shocked for words. Scared, he lifted his hands up to his face. In the face of this new experiment, nothing felt real. At least not until he felt the beak that now replaced his mouth and nose. He held the beak with both clawed hands and experimented with opening and closing it. It moved at his command.
Something was wrong. Seriously wrong. Far more wrong than just a successful experiment. 

He knew what they had been planning. Borrow the ancient power of the gryfon god of old, the Sky King of legend. Rumor had it that if the creature was caught, he would grant the captor his powers. The lab here had been trying to “catch” his power. 

Miraj hadn’t believed a word of it. The Sky King was just a myth. The head scientist had told him that they of course weren’t really trying to catch the Sky King’s power – just imitate it based on the legends to develop a new super soldier. They needed a volunteer who wasn’t afraid to die. 

Miraj had spent the last four years on Death Row and was next on the list. He was going to die anyway. Might as well do it in a way that’d get him in the history books. 

But it was supposed to only give him strength. Not change his appearance. Not turn him into… this thing. This physical, standing gryfon.

And to make matters worse, someone whispered to him in his head. 

“Well now, human,” the voice, deep and proud, purred into his mind. “You’ve caught me. Now what do you plan to do with me?”


Now THAT was fun. Man. Can you imagine waking up from something that you should have died from only to be in this state? And have someone speaking to you in your head?


Got your own story to go with this prompt? Share it below! Got a prompt you want me to tackle? Send it my way! I love hearing from you. =)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Ten Minute Freewrites - Prompt #11 Dark Alleys and Strange Instructions

Hey everyone! Time for another...

Ten Minute Freewrite

Let's tackle something completely different and go for a "you do this" kind of prompt. I generally like to connect my prompts to some kind of existing project, but this time I think I'm gonna freelance it. Let's get started! 


Jasmine stared down the alleyway, baffled. 

“She was just here,” she muttered. “I saw her. Where did she go?” 

She had been following the mysterious figure for over an hour after she saw her snatch a wallet out of someone’s purse. Had it been any normal kind of theft, she might have been inclined to shout or call the police or draw attention in some way. 

But it wasn’t normal. She had been sitting at a table in front of the coffee shop on Magnolia, people watching, as she often did. That’s when she saw the women she had been following stand up and walk by someone’s purse hanging on the back of a chair. The woman had just waved a hand in front of the purse and a wallet appeared in her hands. Jasmine might have passed it off as excellent slight of hand, but then the woman waved her hand again, this time in front of the wallet, and a wad of cash appeared in her fist. The woman then walked off, tossing the wallet over her head. It disappeared in the air. A second later, Jasmine saw the wallet’s owner get into her purse and pull the same wallet out to pay for her food, only to find it mysteriously devoid of money.

None of it made any logical sense. She had to know what was going on. So, like the ignorant, ridiculous person she was, she followed the thief. Along the way, she saw her steal from three more wallets, including from a man who kept his wallet in his pocket. No one noticed a thing.
Who was this woman? 

But she was wondering if she’d ever find out now. She had followed the thief through crowds of people until it finally thinned and the path opened into a dark alleyway. A dead-end alleyway with thick brick walls on all sides, with no doors, windows, or even a fence to climb. 

It also had no mysterious woman thief. 

Jasmine shook her head. Maybe she had been hallucinating. The whole experience was beyond believing anyway. She had just wasted her time searching for something pointless. 

She was about to head home when she heard the unmistakable sound of paper in the wind. She turned down the alley just in time to see a bright yellow envelope flutter down from the sky. She ran down and snatched it from the sky, then ripped it open.

The envelope held a small, square sheet of paper with only a few words in mess, block handwriting. 

“Do you understand?” the paper asked. Jasmine frowned. “Wave your hand in front of the reddest brick on your left.”

“What?” she turned to the left. The bricks looked mostly the same, with a few varying shades of red. But one bright, fire engine red brick stuck out to her. She bit her lower lip and frowned. “Well, here goes nothing.” She waved her hand in front of the brick.


Heh, I tend to end these things on cliffhangers. XD This one was interesting, but not my best writing. It'd probably need a few rewrites to really get things across. 

Got an idea for this prompt? Post your own freewrite down below! Got a prompt you'd like me to try? Post it below! I'd love to hear from you. =)