Friday, May 22, 2015

Ten Minute Freewrites - Prompt #4 Last Meeting Place

Hey everyone! Welcome to another edition of Ten Minute Freewrites. Today I'm going bonkers and doing a freewrite using a yet-to-be-revealed character from the Zyearth world. This one won't show up for many novels to come.

It's gonna be a blast. =D

Today's freewrite comes from, yet again, and all her awesome prompts. Enjoy.

Ronan stood outside the burning forest.

This was it. The last place he said he'd meet his dad if something bad happened. Too bad something bad had already happened to Dad. He died last year. But Ronan's brother would be there. He knew the meeting place. He'd have Mom with him. They'd know what to do.

If only the soot would stop sticking to his white quills and fur. If only he could breathe properly.

Ronan entered the woods.

Inside, the burning slowed down and there were plenty of places for him to move around. The floor was black with ash which stuck to his short legs, but he didn't care. Mom always said a little dirt never hurt anyone.

He held a small Gem in his hand. It had been completely clear just three days ago, but now it was white and green, like Ronan's fur and eyes. His mother had been shocked. After all, Ronan was only four. Bindings weren't supposed to happen for another sixteen years. Also, Ronan wasn't supposed to get the Gem. Angus was.

Ronan furrowed his brow and wrinkled his snout. Well, he didn't deserve it anyway. He didn't even care when Dad died, and he didn't care about Dad's Gem. Ronan did. He deserved it.

Besides, the lady in the Gem would never have talked to Angus.

Ronan frowned. But the lady in the Gem took Ronan's mother. She DID something to her, but Ronan didn't know what. All he knew was that mom suddenly looked funny and then creatures fell from the sky. They hurt a bunch of people, but Mom didn't seem to care, so Ronan didn't either. He just stuck close to her while it happened.

Then the bad people came. Someone in white with a golden pendant. Someone who wanted to hurt Mom. Ronan got lost after that.

But Mom would be there. With Angus. He knew that much to be true.


Well, that one didn't go very far. But it was fun to write. Stay tuned for more about Ronan and Angus.

Give me prompt suggestions! Pick anything. =D I will happily link a website, Facebook page, or blog to anyone willing to give me a prompt idea.


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