Monday, May 4, 2015

Ten Minute Freewrites - Prompt #2 Space Submarine

Welcome to another Ten Minute Freewrite prompt! Today's prompt - Space Submarines.

Since today is May the Fourth AKA Star Wars Day, I thought I'd do a space themed prompt. You'd be surprised by how difficult it is to find something NEW and ORIGINAL for a space themed prompt.

But guess what? I FOUND one. Once again, I got this prompt from Writing Prompt's Tumblr. So let's get into it!

Timer set...

"Is it still there?"

Eri huddled next to Kato in the dark, metalic cockpit of their grounded space plane. She had managed to fix it just last week with the ghostly help of her dead brother, but neither her nor Kato could figure out how to power the thing. She brushed her dark hair out of her face and fixed her brown, almond shaped eyes at the anthro wolf in front of her.

Kato grunted. "According to my instruments, yes." He pointed his clawed, furry hand toward a small holographic device resting precariously on the edge of the cockpit's dead controls. "It's not like anything I've ever seen. Certainly nothing like the Androvox have ever created." He glanced around the cockpit, bending both ears back in a quiet wolfy whine. "Though neither is this, for that matter."

"But what is it?" Eri asked. "Is it like this one? Did it come from my home?"

Kato shook his head. "It's far too large to be like this one. At least not in shape. Though it could be from the same people. Maybe."

Eri sat back in the battered copilot's chair. "Any way we can hail them?"

Kato perked and ear and raised an eyebrow. "Is there a reason you want to?"

"Well, if we could get their attention, maybe they could tell us how to power this bucket of ours."

Kato narrowed his eyes and growled quietly. "You are intent on us leaving this planet."

Eri frowned, but nodded.

"My home."

"Y-yes," Eri said.

Kato growled. "My place of birth. The only world I have ever known. You want us to leave here."

"Kato, what choice to we have?" Eri said. "We're fugitives, from everyone. I'm lucky my family is in a safe place and that Ramla decided to take them in and protect them, for what good it does. We're not safe here." She frowned. "If anything, we should at least investigate the other continents. It's what your sister wanted. Right?"

Kato stood and walked off, his long foot claws clinking on the metal floor. His tail hid between his legs. "We cannot leave here without setting these problems right."

"I know you want to fix things, Kato, but we don't have the resources or allies or even a basic plan. We need to take a step back and come back here with a plan of attack."

Kato growled. "You say that like all the Androvox are our enemies."

Eri stood now, crossing her arms, ready to defend herself. But just then, their communication device beeped, echoing an unfamiliar signal off the cockpit walls.


Dang, these things are a lot of fun. This is using characters from a short series I'm working on, called the Crystal Keys Saga. I'm enjoying revisiting them after a bit of a break. Eri's kind of surprising me to be honest. I pictured her to be the more passive of the group, but it seems more like she's the one actively trying to lead Kato to where they need to go.

Keep an eye out, because I may use this scene in future books!

What should I do next in the Ten Minute Freewrites? =) Share your suggestions below!

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