Wednesday, May 27, 2015

California Rain - Meenanful Life

It rained in California recently. OMG.  This is a very good thing, since we are currently in a horrible drought.

Californians have a love/hate relationship with rain. On the one hand, it's rare to even get rain, many of us long for it. On the other hand, we live in California for a REASON and that reason is the many guaranteed bright sunny days throughout the year.

Last year's big rainstorm

Since we live our daily lives based on that reason, we generally don't know how to handle rain very well.

The first thing that always happens in the rain is everyone suddenly forgets how to drive.

A rainstorm in So Cal is usually followed by sirens. Lots and lots of sirens. Your commute to work will suddenly take three times as long because all the freeways are littered with accidents. Drivers either drive too fast, or too slow, they swerve in an out of lanes, and they have no idea how to deal with hydroplaning.

To be fair to drivers though, part of this is because of good ol' Caltrans. Our bridges can withstand earthquakes that would level cities anywhere else in the country, but when it rains, you're better off taking a boat to work, there's so many puddles.

Parks and storm drains aren't safe either. Here's what our last storm did to the BRAND NEW PARK down the street from my house.

Storm Drain damage
Sidewalk damage
 It's not just drivers either. It's the average person.

If you're from So Cal, you fall into one of two categories when it rains - The Uber Prepared or The Under Prepared.

The Uber Prepared is the person who has rainboots and umbrellas hanging out by the front door 365 days a year. They also have six different rain coats and keep spare umbrellas in their cars. They also keep secret stashes of hot cocoa and tomato soup in their closet. If there is even a WHIFF of rain on the horizon, they are immediately decked out and they proudly show off their undoubtedly colorful novelty umbrella once the water does start to fall.

Sometimes The Uber Prepared can be the kindest person ever. They have an umbrella that can house eight people and will invite any poor, sopping wet soul that can fit to share with them. But sometimes, they're cruel. They have one tiny umbrella that they refuse to share with anyone, lest they get a shoulder wet. However, they will always say something to the tone of "How 'bout this rain?" just so the sopping wet person next to them realizes what a wonderful person they are for being prepared. 

Oh, one side note too. Rain in California never falls straight down. There's always some kind of HECTIC WIND that comes with it, meaning you need to turn your umbrella sideways in order to actually STOP IT.

Which means you usually look like this.

And even The Uber Prepared person may find that their year old, unused umbrella has suddenly developed a catastrophic flaw that makes it completely useless. During this last rainstorm, my umbrella decided it didn't want to stay open, so I had to hold it open... while carrying a computer bag, purse, and lunchbox. FUN. 

The Under Prepared Californian is the kind of person who lives life thinking it'll never rain. These are the guys that you see walking around in shorts or short skirts, flip flops, and tank tops, even when it's pouring buckets over their heads. They looked at the forecast, saw it said 80% chance of rain and said decided that 20% chance of NOT rain was a good enough excuse to show off their new beachwear. They may own an umbrella, but it's probably six years old and its never been used because its owner forgets it every single time it rains, forcing them to buy a new one while they're out and about.

This is why grocery stores and pharmacies make a killing on rainy days. Fifteen bucks for an umbrella that would normally cost five.

More often than not, Californians fall under the Under Prepared category.

I tend to fall in the Uber Prepared category.

I love rain. I'm one of those people who like to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa when it rains. I don't have rainboots, but I do have three rain jackets. I like to share my umbrella with people who need it.

But I think I like rain because I don't get it very often. Sometimes when something is uncommon, we appreciate it more. Those amazing moments of perfect love you feel for your significant other. That nostalgic cake flavor you always get for your birthday. A day with the friend you rarely get to see. We treasure those moments.

So despite the problems of California rain, I will always love it, because I never know when it's going to come back.

What special uncommon moments do you like? Are you an Uber Prepared or an Under Prepared? What's your favorite rain memory? Share in the comments below!


  1. Haha! This was fun to read. I grew up in CA until I was 16, so rain is always special to me, even now that I live in NH where it rains fairly least much more frequently than CA.

    1. It's interesting how we learn to appreciate things as children and how it carries with us even as adults. =)


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