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Ten Minute Freewrites - Prompt #1 Disappearing People

Okay everyone. Time to introduce you to a new segment on my blog. I call it,


For those who don't know, a freewrite is just what it sounds like. Free writing. Basically you pick a subject and write about it for any number of minutes. It's a great way to practice writing and just force your brain to think of new things. It's a good jumpstart too.

So today I'm starting this new segment. Every week I'll do a new Ten Minute Freewrite... and I need your help. Give me suggestions! What should I write about? I'll pick my favs and write about those topics every Monday. If yours is picked, I will include your name (or nickname if you so choose) and a link to a website of your choice!

Today's freewrite topic comes from Writing Prompts on Tumblr. You can check them out here:

Timer set. . .

It happened again.

Deckard had been hearing about disappearances again. Bad ones. This wasn't like the ones from before. This one was different. 

He glanced up at the full moon, lying next to his adopted daughter under the pine trees. He frowned, curling his black wolf lips down and bending an ear. It was too long until the next new moon. He would have to do something about this sooner. 


Deckard smiled at his daughter, Velvela. After a year as a wolf, he was finally getting used to the growling wolf language that he and his daughter shared. Now if only he could teach the rest of his pack. But none of them had human in their blood. It was a difficult task. 

"What is is?" 

The year old pup rolled over on her back and gave him a whimpering whine. "What are you thinking about? You're always staring at the moon these days." 

Deckard frowned. "It's nothing sweetie." 

"That's a lie," Velvela said. "Is it Dad? Are you thinking about my dad?" 

Deckard closed his eyes and whined quietly. A year prior, he had been fully human. A recluse wolf researcher. And he met Marrok. He didn't know it at the time, but the black wolf had been given a mysterious blessing. Or curse. He still hadn't decided what yet. 

Something in the young wolf had changed. The new moon made him into something new. Human. He took on the physical form, though he couldn't walk, couldn't talk, and didn't understand anything about human culture. He didn't know how to live as a human.

Deckard taught him what he could, not realizing that the human had really been a wolf. And by the time he discovered it, the young werewolf had given his life for Deckard and passed his blessing-curse to Deckard. Now Deckard lived as a wolf every day except on the night of the new moon. 

His task? Teach his pack to protect. Teach them human morals. It was daunting and almost impossible. But he had to do it. He had to make sure that Marrok's sacrifice wasn't in vain. 

And he had to protect the woods and people he loved from the true werewolves that haunted the forest. If only he could figure out where they came from. 

"I suppose I am," Deckard said. 

"You're worried about the missing campers," Velvela said. She lowered her snout to the ground. "How many have we lost this month?" 

"Almost 40." 

She frowned. "Is that a lot?"

"Yes," Deckard said. "Way too much." 

"But we don't know what's killing them." 

Deckard shook his shaggy head. "No. We don't." 

"But surely it's the werewolves." 

But if it was the werewolves, there'd be signs. Blood, footprints, unnatural fur, their haunting howls. But there was nothing. And Deckard was running out of time. 


Wow! Freewrite over. XD I ended up inadvertently writing the opening for a sequel for To Err is Human, a short story I wrote for an anthology some time ago. 

Okay, now we have a choice. Do you want me to continue this short story in the next Ten Minute Freewrite? Do you have a suggestion of your own? Leave a comment and let me know what you think! You will get to decide the next subject for the next Ten Minute Freewrite. ;) 

I encourage everyone to write their own ten minute freewrite using this prompt! Paste your stories below or share your blogs with us here!

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