Monday, April 20, 2015

My Reading Process in Memes - Meme Life

One more time, guys. MOAR MEMES. Today, my reading process in Top Gear Memes. =D I love reading. XD

And once again these wonderful Tumblrs have provided the memes I've used today.

1. Got a new book.

2. Amazed by how good it is.

3. Send people away - nothing is more important than my book.

4. Turn down all invitations to go out with my friends.

5. Something exciting happens.

6. Something surprising happens.

7. Something funny happens.

8. Something great happens to the main character

9. My favorite character dies.

10. A character acts out-of-character and my writer instincts tingle.

11. A character does something embarassing.

12. The Dramatic Climax

13. The Good Guys win!

14. The book is over - as is my life.

15. My friends, when I can't stop talking about the book.

16. Me, when someone makes fun of the book I just read.

17. The book has a sequel.

18. Repeat until poor or dead.

Yup. My reading process is funny.

What's your reading process?

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