Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Whale Watching - Meenanful Life

Oh my gosh, you guys. I finally did it. I finally went whale watching.

Okay, I lied. I've been whale watching like four times before. But in all those times, I've NEVER EVER seen a whale. Occasionally I see dolphins. That's it.

And now. I saw a WHALE. WHOO!

The day started with me and my sister being as absolutely weird as possible.

Great picture, Beth.

We lined up along the pier waiting for the boat to arrive. It was actually quite warm. I kind of regret ever bringing my jacket.

And look! Our first dolphin. This was a bottlenosed dolphin, the one everyone knows of course. It's pod followed our boat for a bit, but not very long. They're a bit shy, apparently.

Yup, still weird.

We traveled a bit further out to sea and ran across several other dolphins and more whale watching boats. Our guide told us that the boats all keep in contact to help each other find dolphins and whales.

The dolphins followed us for a while. 

We continued sailing for HOURS. Literally. We were supposed to be on a two hour tour (insert Gilligan's Island reference here) and we went out further than any tour that day, according to our guide.

We were still in deep sea (about 1800 feet deep under our boat) when our guide suddenly got a call that there were gray whales in the area. He BOOKED it. It was a blast riding the waves so fast.

And then we saw them. GRAY WHALES. Two whales migrating and flashing their tails at us. It was awesome.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures because we were pretty crowded out, but here's an idea of what a gray whale looks like.

It was so awesome. I loved the whales.

And I finally got to see a whale.

The guide got us back about half an hour late, but it was so worth it. Kudos to him.

So, yay me! I finally broke my bad luck in whale watching. I wanna do it again in the future.

What do you guys think about whales?

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  1. Love this post! The excitement of finally seeing not only one whale but two after going whale watching so many times made me smile as I read the comments under each photo. Dolphins are the friendliest and cutest fish in the world. To have them follow the boat looks like an exciting time. Thanks for the awesome photos of your experience.


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