Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Trials and Tribulations of Car Repair - Meenanful Life

When it rains, it pours.

This saying means that when something goes wrong, everything will go wrong.

So when one of my family's car needs repair, it is inevitable that the other one will go wrong.

This is also Morton Salt's company slogan. o_0 Apparently it's making reference to the fact that their salt actually pours freely in the rain?

Who uses salt in the rain?


Let me explain what's been going on this last week.

Last Monday my husband came back home from work in a near panic because his car started jumping and skipping like a manual car when it's in the wrong gear. The only problem is, his car is an automatic. This should not ever happen.

So we took it to a mechanics shop.

Turns out, the transmission is gauged to hell. A bearing got loose and played nick-knack patty whack with the parts inside, screwed up the casing, and the whole thing managed to lose three of its four supports.

Oh good.

Because several parts need to be replaced, and the casing needs to be refurbished at the very least, we've been without a car for a week now. And because Joe works an hour away and I work an hour away... well, let's just say that carpooling has been less than fun. And don't ask about the gas bill. (seriously, don't.)

But you know what? Could be worse, right? We could be without BOTH cars, and we could be seriously in trouble jobwise.

Then the rain started pouring.

This morning, I woke up at 4:30. I don't technically start work until 2 on Tuesdays, but since we only have the one car, I wake up half an hour before Joe so I can get ready and come with him out to his job. Then I drive him to work, drive ME to work, GO to work, then drive BACK to HIS work, and we drive home.

Not fun. Thankfully it's only temporary.

Or so we thought.

When we got in the car this morning to start our usual drive, the car refused to turn on. Oh good. Again.

We called our roadside assistance and jumped the battery. The car seems to be working just fine, so we start our commute. Late, but hey, better than nothing.

We got about halfway to Joe's work, in the middle of a small town on surface streets, when the car suddenly lost ALL POWER. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.


We got the car over to the side and I called Roadside again. And we wait. For hours. Fun fun fun.

Eventually Joe got fed up and started messing with the battery himself. We discovered that a 10 mil nut was missing on the connector cable, of all the weird things in the world. We also discovered that we broke down right next to a repair shop, which had just opened.

Joe talked to the guy and, with the help of the new Roadside guy, we cleaned the connector cables, replaced the nut, and we tried the car again.

By God's Good Graces, it actually started... Though by this point it was far too late to try and get us to work in any decent amount of time.

So we took the rest of the day off and took an impromptu day trip to the beach.

I've been wanting to go to the beach for a while now, so I loved the excuse to go.

Joe liked the excuse too.

We spent most of the day walking several miles down the beach.

We also left behind some free advertising.

We, ah, also did some rather immature things. Because we are immature.

I mean, uh, we are the most mature human beings on the planet. >>

Okay, I lied. XP Thankfully the sea will erase all evidence of our crimes.

 We also got fish and chips. Because you can't visit the beach without fish and chips.

I regret getting two of them though. We could have split one easily. Most of the chips got fed to the birds.
 And we got some gelato. Or ice cream. No one really makes proper gelato out here. =P
And that was our day! Way to turn a crappy situation into a fun date with hubby. =D Sometimes bad things happen for a reason.

Have you ever had a silver lining in a bad day gone right? Share in the comments!


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