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Killer Instinct - Game Review

Okay okay okay okay. I know it's another game review, but bear with me.

Besides. It's KILLER INSTINCT. (Dramatic theme music plays)

No, I'm not playing the air guitar. I don't know what you're talking about.

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I'll tell you right now, I'm not a huge fan of fighting games. When I play a game, I play it for the story. It's why games like Assassin's Creed, Halo, Skies of Arcadia, and Phoenix Wright appeal to me. Fighting games are not really my style because the story is usually pretty shallow and done mostly in writing, not in gameplay.

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Killer Instinct, however, attracts me for several reasons.

One, the music. Every bit of music in Killer Instinct is awesome. And it's DYNAMIC. Depending on how you play the game, different parts of the stage's songs will play. If you're fast and pounding, the music follows. If you're sitting idle, the music also idles. And when you get an Ultra Combo, the bass and beat match up with the attack hits.

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Two, Killer Instinct for the Xbox actually has a tutorial section.

One of the things that has always kept me from fighting video games is the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to learn moves and combos. Some games, like Soul Calibur, are somewhat easy, since you don't have long combos and connections between each move. Others though, like Street Fighter and especially Marvel vs. Capcom have extremely difficult combo moves and a million terms to go with each move. It takes hours to perfect a combo, sometimes days. It's impossible to learn if you don't have the drive or the background. It's therefore really hard to get new people into the genre.

Killer Instinct, however, has a tutorial section that teaches you individual moves, combos, linkers, and everything else necessary for fighting games. They even teach you the terms for it, and believe me, there's a million impossible terms in this game series.

Using the tutorial section helps you learn the basics of fighting games, and it's something that, with practice, you can apply to a lot of other fighting games. This is a gateway to get you into fighting games.

If you're willing to put in the effort.

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I'll admit, I just don't have the drive to really practice and learn it. Just learning one opener-linker-attack-finisher combo is enormous amounts of effort and difficulty. And that's learning it against the A.I. characters that aren't even moving or trying to stop you. When you're put in a real world situation with a player that ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING, you forget everything you learned and fall back on button mashing anyway. It's that hard.

But... they do have anthros.

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I love anthros. It's why I draw them for my primary subject and write them in my novels. So when I saw anthros in Killer Instinct, I wanted to learn more. And these anthros are AWESOME.

First up is Saberwulf, a werewolf gone wrong. He's freakin' awesome. Powerful, huge, badass, animal like with digitigrade legs, a huge snout, and amazing wolf sounds.

I like wolves.

Also, he's got different colors, so I can pretend he's characters I write. XD

This one is Lance Tox... um, after someone messed up is coffee order
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And this one is Indal Tay. From the Spacetime Saga. Or maybe it's Crash Bandicoot, I can't tell.
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You can also build costumes!

Steampunk Saberwulf FTW
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On top of Saberwulf, you also have Riptor.

Tell me "clever girl" one more time and I'll rip your face off.
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Riptor is flat out amazing. Awesome colors, great attacks, fun screechy sounds. XD Love it.

She's passed off as a military grade weapon that can be purchased and controlled too, which kind of has a hint of later Jurassic Park films.

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I don't see much about colors or costumes on Google, but she's got some pretty fun stuff.

But yeah, that's the stuff I like about Killer Instinct. It's definitely a fun game.

Though I don't think this is a game I'll play religiously, it's still a fun escape, and it's really fun that I get to play anthros. XD

Speaking of which. . . I am apparently a furry. =P Just so you know. Expect a post about that soon.

What do you guys think of fighting games?

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