Sunday, April 5, 2015

Catholic with Protestant Tendencies - The End of Lent and Happy Easter

OMG I'm back! Lent is over and this author is ready to tackle new things. Whoo!


For those not in the know, I'm Catholic, so Easter is very important to me.

I actually call myself "Catholic with Protestant tendencies." I was raised Protestant, but about seven years ago I felt called by God to become Catholic, so I did. I still have a lot of Protestant traditions that I follow though. I kind of think of myself as a Christian with one foot in a Catholic cathedral and the other in a Protestant church.

I enjoy being a part of both worlds though. There is, unfortunately, a lot of hate and distrust between Catholics and Protestants still, so I feel like I'm often a moderator between the two groups, helping each Christian faith to become more comfortable with each other. We both worship the same God after all! We just have different traditions in worshiping him.

One Catholic tradition I really love is the way we worship at Easter. During Lent, all the way up to Good Friday, we're reminded of WHY Jesus had to be sacrificed, and, in giving something precious up for Lent, we join him in that sacrifice. Good Friday is especially powerful. There's a tradition called the Veneration of the Cross. A representation of the Cross Jesus died on is brought to the front of the church and we venerate it, remembering Jesus' suffering and his love for us.

I will admit, it's a hard tradition sometimes. I often cry thinking about Jesus' sacrifice. But at the same time, I don't think we always think about it enough.

But Easter is the best part. We celebrate Jesus' resurrection! How cool is that? Jesus died, but then he DEFEATED DEATH! Awesome!

Catholics celebrate a renewal of baptismal promises at Easter. The priests will take holy water and spray it on patrons to remind us of our baptism and renew our faith in and love for God.

It's a beautiful ceremony, though at our church, it's also funny. Our priests really get into it and go crazy. Sometimes they'll even chase each other around the church trying to get each other in the face. The only thing that would make it more fun would be if they had super soakers.

Which apparently some priests do. o_0

The best part though, is remembering God's promises to us, and the promises we make when we choose to follow him. The biggest and most important promise is to love. That's what the Easter story is all about. Jesus came to be sacrificed out of LOVE for us. Hate dragged him down, but LOVE conquered even death! This is why we need more love in the world. Love can conquer all!

So from my family to your family, regardless of your religion, creed, race, gender, sexuality, or anything else that makes you unique, Happy Easter, and may God bless you. =)

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing all the great stuff I got done during Lent... and it's a lot. XD Later everyone!

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