Friday, April 17, 2015

A Shard of Sun by Jess E. Owen - Book Review

Hooray, book review time! Today we're gonna look at A Shard of Sun by Jess E. Owen.

First of all, I apologize ahead of time for the lateness of this book review. I was one of the lucky few to get an advance reader copy of this book (which I read twice in about a week and a half) but because of my internet fast, and general laziness, I didn't get around to adding the review until now.

I am a bad advanced reader.

Second of all, this is book three in a wonderful series of books. Please make sure you buy the other two books in the series before reading this one.

Song of the Summer King can be purchased here.
Skyfire can be purchased here.

Also, you can get A Shard of Sun here.

Third of all, I so called it.

A great book series will have a nice theme to it. And The Summer King Chronicles does that quite nicely, even hinting at famous series of old. XD

So now, on to the book review!

The Summer King Chronicles tells the story of a gryfon named Rashard, nick named Shard, as he travels the world of the Winderost and the Silver Isles trying to right wrongs. He has been named the Summer King, a legendary king who will bring peace to the waring lands he travels through.

This third book tells of his attempts to convince the dragons of the Sunland to help him fight back a group of powerful wyrms, giant dragons bent on destroyed the creatures of the Winderost.

This story doesn't just follow Shard, however. It also follows Kjorn, Shard's wingbrother, as he travels the Winderost in search of Shard. It also follows Shard's nestfather, Caj, as he tries to locate his Nameless wingbrother and king.

If all this confuses you, go read my review of Song of the Summer King and Skyfire. Or better yet, BUY THE BOOKS.

In my opinion, this is by far the best installment of the series thus far. Great characters, wonderful action, and I'm never bored. There's even some fun creepy stuff and magic in here. LOVE it.

While I was thinking about the book, I realized something. Each book can be summarized by one prominent word.

Song of the Summer King is TRUTH. Shard learns the truth about his father, his heritage, their war with the wolves, and the problems with the Red Kings. And he tries to do what is right based on that truth.
Skyfire is TRUST. Shard and his uncle try to earn trust from the Dawn Spire gryfons. The Silver Isles gryfons are struggling to trust each other. The wolves are earning trust from important Silver Isles gryfons and at the same time, Shard is earning trust from the other creatures in the Winderost.

A Shard of Sun is REDEMPTION. Shard learns the truth about Kajar and he is redeemed. Hikaru's trust of Shard earns some redemption for the dragons. Shard redeems the exiles of the Silver Isles. Kjorn redeems his family's fallen honor. Caj redeems himself, the wolves, and his Nameless Red King.

I love these themes. Even the colors of the books tie into the themes. Summer King is green, showing a new, young understanding of TRUTH. Skyfire is red, showing the burning hatred of distrust, but the fire of LOYALTY when TRUST is accepted. Shard of Sun is white, a symbol of REDEMPTION and being washed clear as snow, ironically a major component of the background in this cover.

I could go on and on, looking at the symbolism of each of the small birds on the covers, or Shard's position in the sky or ground, but I digress. Perhaps that's a blog for another day.

Either way, you need to go out and get A Shard of Sun. It's an amazing book from an amazing series. I can't wait for the next book. I'm hoping one of the words for book four will be PEACE.

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