Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Writing Process in Memes - Author Life

So my wonderful friend Kessie Carroll has tagged me to write out my writing process in memes.

So I'm gonna do one better... and write my writing process out in ANIMATED Top Gear memes. Credit to all the wonderful people on Tumblr for their amazing gifs. 

Here we go! 

1. Get the best idea ever.

2. Share the idea with my writer friends.

3. Validation that it's a good idea.

4. Feeling confident about my outline

5. Arguing that my outline is PERFECT.

6. Realizing my outline is wrong and I have to rewrite it.

7. Now my outline is perfect and I'm ready to write.

8. Writing's going well.

9. Characters and plots pop up that defy the outline.

10. Getting through the middle.

11. Losing steam and confidence.

12. I am the worst writer in the world.

13. Let's do something else for a while.

14. Rereading what I previously wrote after a month of not looking at it.

15. Giving it another shot.

16. Getting through the first draft.

17. Loving what I wrote and sending it off to beta readers.

18. Waiting to hear back from beta readers.

19. Then the critiques sneak up on me...
Oh yes.

Next time, my editing process in Top Gear Memes.

I tag anyone who wants to do this! It's a blast. XD

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