Friday, April 10, 2015

My Editing Process in Memes - Author Life

Okay, so last time I did my writing process in memes. Now it's time for my editing process... in TOP GEAR MEMES. =D

Once again, thanks to all the wonderful people on Tumblr for the great Top Gear gifs.

Here we go! Again!

1. Getting my first beta reader comments back.

2. Looking over the comments

3. Completely stunned that someone liked my book.

4. Ready to tackle this head on.

5. Coming across a comment I hate.

6. Stubbornly holding on to bad things in my book.

7. Realizing that my beta readers are right and throwing out the old nonsense.

8. Finding a really stupid part that makes no sense.

9. Realizing how bad my old draft was.

10. Finishing the beta reader comments.

11. Sending it off to the professional editor.

12. Getting back the first set of edits from the professional.

13. Denial.

14. Trying to justify my writing.

15. Realizing the professional is right.

16. Stubbornly adding the professional's edits.

17. Finally finished the professional edits.

18. And now... on to the next book.

And that's my writing process. Next Meme Life... my reading process. XD

How does your editing process go? 

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