Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Tricks and Treats - Teacher Life

Hello everyone! Happy November! And Happy National Novel Writing Month! Guess what? 

That's right! I'm a participant this year! YAY!

But first, time for some Halloween Shenanigans. This year, Halloween fell on a teaching day, so I went all out and made it a fun day for my students.

First of all, I made everyone Harry Potter wands. It's quite an involved process that took the better part of two weeks to put together. You can learn all about the process here.

The longest and hardest part is filling the wands. After rolling the things, the instructions say to fill it with hot glue. But that took way too much time, so we stuffed them with tissue instead and just plugged either side of the wand with glue.

Here's what the tips looked like.

Here's the base for the wands. Most of them came out nice and skinny, but I had to make 66 of them (OMG) so some of them got skewed as I got tired.

All 66 wands prepped, decorated, and ready for painting. Thankfully the painting process was very simple. The spray paint came first for a nice base coat.

Most of the wands got sprayed with brown, but I also did several in metallic gold and silver. Then the "artistic" part. The distressing. To do this, I watered down some black paint. Then I painted on the parts of the wands that had the hot glue decorations. After that, you simply wipe the paint up and down the wand for a nice wood looking effect. And you get these!

Not a bad look! The directions on Instructables suggests painting gold and silver on the hot glue parts, but with 66 wands, I just didn't have the time. They still came out nice though. Here's all 66 laid out all pretty.

You can see some of the gold and silver ones scattered throughout the wands in there.

To really add to the effect, I dressed up as a Harry Potter character this year for Halloween. Meet Professor Rachel Mcgonagall.

The costume was a blast to put together. And I had a real wooden wand, courtesy of Alivan's Wands.
Go check them out. They have amazing things. XD

Ready to hand out wands to some brand new magic students! The wands were amazing. My students snatched them up like crazy.

I got some pictures with my students as well.

Yes, that is all of us pointing Harry Potter wands at the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Apparently the Ghostbusters just needed to call some Aurors or something.

That day was especially fun because I got to try out a new teaching tool - Xbox. Rather than have my students read a bunch of boring evaluation papers, I'm changing it up a bit by having them practice evaluation in the classroom. So I fired up Soul Calibur and Split Second and let the students take turns racing and fighting each other on the Big Screen. They then took the time to fill out an evaluation sheet and will report their findings in a Reflective Journal. We'll see how the results are with their journals, but they loved playing the games. Even those that never played games got into it.

So that was my Halloween. And now time for some brand new NaNoWriMo shenanigans!

How was your Halloween?

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  1. Those are terrific wands! Your class looks totally thrilled. I love all the costumes!


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