Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chronocrime - Book Review

Hooray for another book review! Let's do a good one since our last book review wasn't so much fun...

Today we're looking at Chronocrime by K. M. Carroll, book two of the Spacetime Legacy.

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Indal, chronomancer and werewolf, has been in exile for six months, and survived everything the desert could throw at him. 

Now he has to survive multi-world gangsters. 

His friends, Carda and Michelle, drag him home and present him with Michelle's corpse--sent back in time from the near future. But Indal's efforts to check out the timeline reveals that the corpse is a killer construct, out to murder them all. 
While trying to discover who sent it, Indal stumbles into a crime ring of smugglers, blind alchemists, magic-stealing elves, and breakdancing gravity mages. They want him and his friends dead. 

Because plans are in motion to that will shake the entire multiverse. And only Indal and his friends can stop them.

If you haven't already, make sure you read the first book, Storm Chase and read my review on that one before you read through this one (SPOILERS!)

Okay, so as I mentioned, this is a sequel, and sequels always have to really punch up the events of the first book in order to be successful. 

This book achieves this perfectly. 

We start with Indal, a character from the previous book who, due to an unfortunate accident, has been "spliced" with a monstrous wolf like creature called a garwaf. This splice effectively makes Indal a werewolf. Because of the fear this world has for spliced individuals, Indal has been exiled to Phoenix Arizona hundreds of years in the past. 

Six months of exile has drastically changed Indal and it shows. He's constantly fighting between being human and acting like an animal. It makes for an interesting character. 

Carroll is excellent at setting up tension and drama in her books. We're constantly wondering if the characters are gonna come out okay and also, what the future holds for them even if they DO come out okay. Her writing style is well done too. Dialogue is very believable and she does a great job setting up scenes which you can really smell, feel, and see. 

And the climax is amazing. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. This is one of those books that stays with you throughout the whole day. Like, I was disappointed when things like LIFE got in the way of me reading it. Even when I was teaching or grading papers, I was thinking about what was gonna happen next in the book. 

There are a FEW little negatives. There are a few places where the author has some typos, and there are one or two logic holes, though I can't remember hardly anything of it, so obviously it didn't put a damper on my reading! 

So yeah, go out and get the new book today! 


  1. I like Indal's fierce concentration on the cover! I just wish he'd look over his shoulder...soon! ;)


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