Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Family - It's a Meenanful Life

Hey everyone! Welcome to a new Defender Log Segment - It's a Meenanful Life!

Ha ha, it's a pun.

Today we're gonna take a look into the Family Dynamic of the Writer... starting with the Family part. XD

There's my lovely husband... being photobombed in the background!

Joe and I met on a Sonic the Hedgehog fan forum run by the lovely and talented Netraptor. We realized we lived close to each other, so we started meeting in person. I think Joe was like... 15. I was 19. I'm honestly surprised that his parents let us meet up considering the age gap!

We were friends for years before we finally decided to give dating a shot. I think we dated a total of four years before we got engaged. This year we'll be celebrating two wonderful years of marriage. =) It feels like FAR longer, however, since Joe and I have known each other over ten years.

Being married to your best friend is awesome.

We don't have children yet, but we do have KITTIES.

This big guy is Ziggy, a four year old orange Mane Coon. My mom picked up Ziggy after we lost one of our other cats, Ari, to cancer. Ziggy's a cutie and he's super affectionate. He especially loves Joe. Joe never had cats growing up, since his father was allergic, but Ziggy took to Joe right away as a kitten.

This is Annie (standing in my clean laundry, of course). Annie was a stray that we started feeding out doors. One day I opened the door to the back porch and she just waltzed right in like she owned the place. She's been with us ever since. She's slightly more wild than Ziggy and not quite as affectionate, but she's still a wonderful pet.

These two little guys are the newest members of our family. The gray and white kitten is Leah and the orange one is Hunter. While they look remarkably like they could be the kittens of Annie and Ziggy, this isn't the case. My cousin Brenda found a box of kittens with a friend, just left out to die... these guys were probably two weeks or more when we found them and they needed bottle feeding.

Ziggy has already fallen in love with both kittens, but Annie probably needs more persuading. Such as it is with cats!

And that's my family. A Mom, a Dad, and a Crazy Cat Lady starter kit. XD Though we won't be getting any more cats any time soon... even Leah and Hunter were practically flukes.

Do you have pets? What kind of pets do you like?


  1. Awwwww :) Kitties and a man with facial hair...sounds like you've got it sorted out :)

    Sarah Allen
    (Writing Blog)

    1. Ha ha, yeah my hubbie has to have the facial hair or he looks like he's sixteen even though he's 25. Which I suppose is a good thing in the long run, but people seem to think that I'm a "cradle robber" if he doesn't have the facial hair. o_0

      And yes, Kitties! Kitties make everything better.


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