Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What do you love about your novel? - Author Life

A friend posted a wonderful list of things she liked about her novel based on this quote, which was quoted on Natalie Whipple's repost:

Whenever I begin a new project, I also begin a list called “What I Love About This Story.” I start by writing down those first ideas that sparked the fires of my mind, and then I add more ideas to it as I discover them during my push through early drafts. ~ Stephanie Perkins

This is a fantastic idea. For one, it really shows you exactly what you like about your book. For two, if for whatever reason you CAN'T name anything that you like about your book, maybe you should scrap it.

So - What do I like about The Stolen Defender? Let's take a look!

- Character relationships: There's so much to explore here
- Description: I'm finally relearning the wonderful art of description.
- Characters: Especially my four main ones... and especially Matt <3
- Family relationships: Family relationships... aren't always fun. =(
- The Black Cloak (squee!)
- Magic: ...and fun magic at that.
- Horrific black creatures that CANNOT BE KILLED
- Defender Pendants
- Made up military lingo.
- Character frustrations... sorry, I like torture my characters. XD
- Summoning!
- Phoenixes!
- Mystery!
- Random mist on an island!
- And random humor.

Are you writing a novel? What do you like about your novel? Make a list!

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