Monday, September 8, 2014

New Years Resolution Update - Author Life

WOW I'm updating my resolutions late. But it's getting toward the end of the year, so I better do it!

Let's get started!

#1 - Finish The Stolen Defender - and start sending query letters.

Ooookay this one is gonna need some explaining.

I am definitely done with the latest draft of The Stolen Defender. But I'm not going to be sending query letters. After a lot of research and debate, I've decided that self publishing, with a proper editor and book cover, would be a better investment then spending years looking for an agent that might take my very unusual book.

So I can't QUITE cross this off yet... more like a half cross.

#2 - Redesign some key Zyearth characters.

Still working on this. I don't know if I'm ever going to quite get it. I don't have a lot of motivation to draw these days for some reason.

I'll keep up the list... probably because I'll need it for next year.

- Matt Azure
- Izzy Gildspine
- Lance Tox
- Ferin Kitsurugi
- Ouranos
- Reil
- Aric 
- Dr. Jaymes Fogg

#3 - Draw and develop the Eight Summons of the Phonar Order of Draso.

Well I got ONE of these done. Just ONE. Birds are hard. Another one for next year I suppose. - Deo, the White Fire Phoenix (a Snowy Egret)
- Excelsis, the Black Fire Phoenix (a Secretary Bird)
- Kyrie, the Ice Phoenix (a Snowy Owl)
Archángeli, the Metal Phoenix (a Kestrel)
Jústi, the Lightning Phoenix (a Barn Owl)
- Pax, the Earth Phoenix (a Burrowing Owl)
Sémini, the Flora Phoenix (a Red Tailed Hawk) 
- Petra, the Rock Phoenix (a Roc)

#4 - Design and color a promo picture for The Stolen Defender.

Why on Earth did I make so many ridiculous art related resolutions? XP Put this one on the back burner again.

#5 - 

Okay, WereDriver actually DOES have some progress. I'm getting some character sketches done and I have five pages sketched out. But it'll be a while before it's actually out there. But hey, new logo!

Fernando got some pretty good facial expressions. XD

#6 - Sell more short stories.

Well... I haven't really done much with this one either. I have submitted a new short story to Writers of the Future, but I haven't really been writing more short stories. 

I have a feeling that I'm seriously failing these resolutions. XP I suppose I should get more short stories written. 

#7 - Reoutline the second Zyearth novel - Drifter

This one is actually moving along nicely. I have a new method for outlining and I've got a good outline going so far for Drifter. With luck, I'll have this one finished by the end of the year. 

#8 - The Obligatory Lose Weight Resolution (Again)

I'm not really losing weight... but I'm not gaining either, which is good. Joe's in a new weight loss program and I'm gonna be taking it with him unofficially, so hopefully this'll change as the year goes on too. 

#9 - Starting up Daily Devotions again.

This has ebbed and flowed all year, kind of like my relationship with God. I'm getting back into it though. =) 

#10 - Read 35 books next year.

....Yeah this one isn't going as well. I've read... -counts- six. Yeah, I'm behind. XP

#11 - Write more blogs!

This I'm actually doing. Yay!

So that's the breakdown of my resolutions. I'm not really doing too hot am I? Oh well. Better luck next year. =D Maybe I'll start feeling more productive now that I'm working again. Yay!

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