Monday, September 1, 2014

Growing as a Writer - Author Life

So this week I did a bunch of research on writing, marketing, and blogging. Anne R. Allen's blog is, frankly, one of the best places where you can really learn how to use blogging effectively.

I exercised my new found powers and gutted my old blog, Artistic Journeys, weeding out the bad posts and saving the good ones for reuse later.

I realized a few things about myself as I gutted that blog.

I have changed a lot.

My original blog posts were me counting Camp NaNoWriMo days and posting pointless word counts and whining about how HARD everything is, which I learned is not a good idea.

-delete delete delete-

But as I went through those posts, I discovered how far I've come as a writer. My goals as a writer and my skills in writing have changed. Back then I was worried too much about world building and info dumping and not enough about character development and drawing in an audience.

When I think about my past, I usually think of my high school writing days. The days where novels were written by Role Play on AIM and skills and audience weren't even considered. But now I realize I can look in a more recent past, (just three years ago!) and I can see the same problems. I can see how I've evolved as a writer.

It was a great boost of the ego to see how I've grown as a writer.

How have you grown as a writer? Or, if you aren't a writer, how have your tastes as a reader changed and grown?

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