Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Meet the Blogger." - Author Life

Wow, guys. I've been with you all this time and I never really took the time to introduce myself! So today, I borrowed a questionnare from friend and fellow blogger Bethany Jennings. =D Now you'll get to know me!

Let's get started!


Name: R. A. Meenan. You can call me Rachel.

Age: 29. Gonna hit the big Three-Oh soon! 

Gender: Female through and through.

A Selfie


Food: Vince's Spaghetti is usually a huge favorite of mine, and I love brownies, but really, I love food in general. XD 

Drink: Hmm... I love Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, but I also love wine of all kinds. I also love hard cider, but that's as far as alcoholic drinks go. 

Book: Trying to pick my favorite book is like trying to pick between CHILDREN. I love many books. But if I had to pick favorites, I'd probably pick The Giver by Lois Lowry and Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. I could read those books every day for the rest of my life and be very happy. 

Song: Eh, it varies. I tend to jump around favorite songs. It depends on what I'm in the mood to write. I do tend to gravitate toward techno, mild dubstep, eurobeat, and dramatic orchestra music, though I also have a soft spot for house music. 

Movie: I am a weird person. I don't like movies. If I had to pick, either Frozen or The Giver, which just recently came out (I really like The Giver.) 

Band: Um... Pendulum, I guess. It used to be LostProphets, but then the singer got into some serious legal issues with underage sex, so it's hard to listen to them anymore... I'm glad the rest of the band has disowned them. I need to check out their new stuff. 

Solo Artist: Probably Michael W. Smith. I could listen to his voice all day long. 

Place: Anywhere with gorgeous natural scenery. 

Lake Tahoe with my wonderful husband.

Subject: English literature, creative writing, teaching... anything that I have an interest in really.

Sport: I am a huge Formula One nut. It's probably one of the "healthier" sports to be a part of, since it's international and there aren't as many "games" AKA races in a season. Also, Formula One drivers tend to avoid the illegal problems that other sports' players tend to have. 

Formula One FTW. 

Male actor: Uh.... I don't really have one. 

Female actor: Don't have one of those either. 


Schooling: I was homeschooled all up until high school. Homeschooling was the best thing ever. After high school, I went to a community college, then a UC school, and finally a private So Cal school for my master's degree. I currently teach at the school where I got my Masters. 

BF: Karen Rees, friend of 21 years, and Joe Meenan, my amazing, wonderful husband. =D 

Me, Joe, and Karen at a fun party get together. 

Political ideology: I hate politics. It divides people in a horrible way, so I tend to avoid them completely. Don't make me pick one. 

Religion: I think less "religion," which implies rules, restrictions, traditions, and ideologies and more "personal relationship with Christ." 

Tattoos: No thank you. I'm allergic to pain. 

Piercings: Just my ears. Funny story - I tried FOUR TIMES to get my ears pierced. I get them pierced, then wear them until I could change out earrings, then forget to wear earrings, and they'd close up. I finally got permanent holes a few years ago. I still rarely wear earrings, but at least I have the option for it now.

Languages: English, though I also speak some Japanese. I used to be a huge anime fan, and while that isn't true anymore, the language is still beautiful to me. 

Reason behind your blog’s name: Defender Log... logging any and all information on the Defenders, the Zyearth Chronicles, and the author behind the series. 

Why you blog: Mainly to talk about writing and extra info behind the Zyearth Chronicles, but my other blog, Artistic Journeys, talks about a variety of topics. 

And that's some info about me! Anyone out there blog? Let's see your own answers to these questions! 


  1. Nice meme! I'm glad you did it. It's fun to see how different everybody's answers are. :-)

    1. It is! Have you done yours yet? -goes to check-

  2. Yay, thanks for doing the questionnaire with me! :D It was fun to learn more about you. I've never heard of Formula One...what is it?

    1. Formula One is what we call "the pinnacle of motorsport." It's car racing. XD It's the fastest, most technical, most advanced racing there is. Basically it's the opposite of NASCAR. XD It's a lot of fun though. It's something my husband got me into. =D


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