Monday, July 7, 2014

Focus Jewels Part II - World Building

Hey everyone! Today we have another world building post - Focus Jewels part II!

Today's focus jewel is the Athánatos Tribe's Ei-Ei jewels.

Ei-Ei Jewels, like Lexi Gems, are the source of magic and power for a member of the Athánatos tribe. Ei-Ei jewels are small and they are fused to the skin of the user just around the edge of their eyes. Ei-Ei jewels also come in pairs. Each eye has one set of the pairs.

There are three jewels, but all of them work together to properly function.

The first jewel, the Mind Jewel, is yellow, representing the sophia flower, a symbol of wisdom. This jewel set keeps the user's mind fresh and free of deterioration. They even protect against mind aging issues like Alzheimer's and dementia.

The second set, the Body Jewel, is red, representing the purity of blood and flesh. This jewel set keeps the body from deterioration. Athánatos tribe members are immortal because of this jewel, but they are not invincible.

The final set, the Soul Jewel, is the color of the users eyes, representing the user's soul. This jewel set keeps the soul pinned to the body.

Together the three sets make the user immortal.

Athánatos with Ei-Ei jewels are granted two major powers from their jewels. One, they are immortal and cannot die of old age. Two, they are WeatherWielders, meaning they can summon and manipulate pretty much every element that's related to weather.

WeatherWielders can create the following elements:

 - Wind
 - Water (Rain)
 - Ice (Snow)
 - Fire (Forest fires)
 - Electricity (Lightning)
 - Earth (Earthquakes)

WeatherWielders cannot heal, though they have been known to imitate shielding and teleporting. They just aren't as effective.

Because they are not invincible however, warriors of the Athánatos tribe have a special set of jewels that they wear during battle called Battle Jewels that prevents them from becoming Drifters if they are killed in battle.

A Drifter is an Athánatos without his or her Soul Jewels. When an Athánatos is killed, his or her soul leaves the body, since the soul cannot live in a damaged vessel. A Drifter will then wander without the soul until his or her body is coaxed back to Athánatos, where the soul will either be returned to the body, or the other jewels sets will be removed, sending the Athánatos to their final resting place.

Pringkips Ouranos - Example of a Drifter
Soulless Drifters cannot be killed, though they can be damaged. If the damage is strong enough, the body will deteriorate the moment the soul is replaced, and damage cannot heal in the soulless state, so it is important that a Drifter is protected from damage until the soul is returned.

Drifters also do not have visible pupils, and their eyes do not reflect light. Most Drifters are fairly mindless and are almost like zombies in the sense that they struggle to show coherent thought or critical thinking. However, the longer an Athánatos is a Drifter, the more they get used to their state and the more they become like their former selves.

Ei-Ei Jewels are almost primarily passed down through families, as it is difficult to procure new ones. As a result, culturally, families do not have children unless another member of the family chooses to die and pass the jewels on. Some children are born before jewels are available, but this is rare.

New jewels can be mined from one of the three mines on Athánatos, but the mines are dangerous and finding new jewels is hard, since they are small, and the mines are nearly depleted.

Typically, children are given jewels on a bracelet bound to their wrists until they are old enough to have them bound (usually at age 20) in order for them to get used to the jewels.

Though binding fuses the jewels to the skin, the process is painless.

Though Athánatos are immortal, most choose to end their lives eventually, which they can do with a simple, painless process that removes all three jewel sets from their bodies at once.

Have a question about the Athánatos focus jewels? Ask away!

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