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Ouranos of the Athánatos Tribe - Character Spotlight

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Today we're looking at Ouranos of the Athánatos Tribe, one of the main antagonists in The Stolen Defender

Sorry for the artwork, guys. I've recently decided that I need to work on my art skills, so I'm gonna be doing some basic artwork while I improve!

Name: Ouranos
Height: 7'0"
Species: Athánatos quilar
Gem Specialty: Elemental - Weather Wielder
Rank: Pringkips (Prince) of the Athánatos Tribe
Weapon of choice: None
First Appearance: The Stolen Defender

Ouranos is the Pringkips, or prince, of the Athánatos royal family. Like all Athánatos, Ouranos is a Weather Wielder, meaning he can manipulate or fabricate any element related to weather. This includes everything from earth (earthquakes) to ice (snow) and even fire. Ouranos, being royalty, also has the ability to summon the eight phoenixes of the Phonar Order of Draso.

Athánatos quilar are very tall, usually ranging from 6 to 7 feet. Ouranos is on the higher end of the spectrum and he's very proud of that.

While Zyearthling quilar use Lexi Gems as focus jewels, Athánatos quilar use Ei-Ei jewels as focus jewels. (For more information on focus jewels, stay tuned!) 

Ouranos, however, is unique, in the sense that he is missing his final set of jewels, the Soul Jewels. His body and mind are fresh and working, but his soul is no longer attached to his body and is currently trapped in the Shadow Veil, where Athánatos souls stay before passing on to Draso's Palace.

Ouranos was born and raised on Athánatos Island, the largest in a small chain of islands off the coast of California on Earth. During his life as an adult, a strange species invaded his island and killed his mother. His father chased after her killers and disappeared for twenty years. During that time, Ouranos ruled the Athánatos tribe. When his father returned, he relinquished power.

His father, however, declared a secret war on the species that killed his wife, and used his children as test subjects to create Kast. Ouranos rebelled against his father and led an uprising with other Athánatos royalty until his father captured him and ripped his Soul Jewels from his body. He uses the Soul Jewels to puppeteer Ouranos and do his dirty work. 

Over the decades, Ouranos had built a tiny level of resistance against his father's control, but he really started breaking through after his encounter with Matthew Azure. But you'll have to read The Stolen Defender for more information on that! 

Ouranos' greatest fear is losing his family. He cares deeply for his sisters and is willing to sacrifice anything to protect them. His greatest weakness is his struggle to hold on to hope. After all the years being under his father's control, he's lost all hope. 

His greatest strength, however, is his desire to set things right. In any brief moment of hope, Ouranos pulls on every ounce of strength he has and plows forward. 

Have questions about Ouranos? Feel free to ask! And check in on Friday for a new Character Creation based around Ouranos' development! 

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  1. There he is! I like seeing the jewels around his eye visually! A bit different then I had imagined!
    The current art you did looks fine! He has a distinct and noble look to him!


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