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Natassa of the Athánatos Tribe - Character Spotlight

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Today we're exploring the life of Natassa of the Athánatos tribe!

Again, sorry for the bad art. Trying to get her faded snout down was not easy.

Name: Natassa
Height: 6'5"
Species: Athánatos quilar
Gem Specialty: Elemental - Weather Wielder
Rank: Pringkipissa (Princess) of the Athánatos Tribe
Weapon of choice: None
First Appearance: The Stolen Defender

Natassa is Ouranos' sister and the princess of the Athánatos tribe. Natassa is also a Weather Wielder, and a good one too. Like with Ouranos, she can also summon the eight Phonar phoenixes, but she dislikes doing so. Since Ouranos is their official master, she can hear Ouranos' screams of agony when she summons.

Natassa is taller than most females her age, and she's a bit self conscious of the fact.

Natassa was raised on Athánatos Island, though when she was older, she was forced to flee the island. She hasn't been on her home island for almost eighty years. She fights alongside a small resistance group trying to regain her place on Athánatos and stopping her father from destroying the species he's after.

Her biggest goal, however, is to restore Ouranos' soul to him. However, because she wears Ei-Ei jewels, she cannot enter the Shadow Veil where her brother's soul is hidden, and she cannot convince anyone else to enter the Shadow Veil either. She must wait and see what Draso has in store for her.

She is fiercely devoted to her people and her family, and also looks for her missing sister Alexina while fighting against her father. She also works hard trying to find a cure for the Kast, mainly so she can finally save her sister Isis.

Natassa's greatest weakness is her ability to work on her own. She struggles to fight or perform difficult tasks without help, which, in a time when she needs to be independent, is detrimental to her search for Ouranos.

Her greatest strength, however, is her unconditional love. With the right tools and people surrounding her, she is unstoppable.

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  1. I like her look! No need to apologize for your art! I think it looks nice, and the faded look on her nose came out good. =)


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