Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Darvin Wendigo - Character Spotlight

Hey everyone! I asked for your votes for the next Character Spotlight and I got even votes for Darvin and Lance... but since Darvin was voted for first, he gets the first Spotlight. So let's move on to....

Name: Darvin Wendigo
Height: 7' (antler off season) 9' (antler season)
Species: Stag
Gem Specialty: Cloaking
Rank: Grandis Regini (Commissioned Officer)
Weapon of choice: Custom pistol with an inlay from a discarded antler.
First Appearance: The Stolen Defender

Darvin is the leader of the Defender Cloak Division and has been a Defender for most of his adult life. Cloaking is a rare ability. It allows the user to temporarily hide a zyfaunos' physical body, as well as body heat and sounds the zyfaunos makes. It's a difficult ability to master, but Darvin is especially good, hence his leadership position.

Darvin's family have been Defenders for generations. His father was a high ranking officer, and his brother, Roscoe, was also moving up in the ranks. Darvin takes great pride in his affiliation with the Defenders, and sees his position and his division as one of the most important in the Defenders, since they gather intel before missions and often save lives.

Stags are one of the few Zyearthlings that have semi digitigrade legs, meaning that they have large feet and they walk on their toes.

Darvin's antlers are like any normal deer's antlers, but they take longer to decompose when they are shed. Darvin often finds his antlers annoying. Darvin's brother, Roscoe, has an uncommon antler condition that prevents his antlers from maturing and therefore has exceptionally large antlers.

Darvin's greatest fear is failing those around him because his power isn't strong enough. He also fears losing members of his division, since cloaks are rare and he is very close to all the members of his team. Darvin tends to shoot first and ask questions later, which sometimes gets him in trouble.

Darvin's greatest strength is his self sacrificing nature and his desire to protect those around him.

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  1. Oh I liked him while reading and I love his appearence.


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