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Ouranos of the Athánatos Tribe - Character Creation

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Today we're looking at Ouranos of the Athánatos tribe! Let's look at his very first form.


And you thought Izzy was a bad recolor.

Ouranos has one of the more unique and interesting origins of those in the Zyearth world. For starters, I am not Ouranos' original creator.

"Omen" was originally created by Omni! Yup, the wonderful creator of The Stolen Defender's book cover. Omen quickly became Omni (which is where our Omni got his current nickname) and slowly evolved from there.

Omni didn't really change much design wise during his Sonic realm. He was basically a silver Sonic with paint in his quills and a jewel on his head.

One thing that did stay consistent though, was Omni's "eternal state." Almost from his creation, Omni lacked a soul, hence the lack of pupils in his eyes. 

Darn you, Omni and your perfect pixel art! =P
The original Omni was an Immorian, part of the Immorian tribe, and, like the Athánatos, they were immortal. Many of the ideas for the Athánatos came from the Immorian tribe (with permission of course) but their names changed as time went on. 

Matt and Omni never did like each other.

Eventually Omni (the creator) abandoned his Omni (the creation) and gave me permission to take it where I wanted it to go. 

So we got Omicron. 

Good. Gravy. 

Omicron was the first in a series of brand new pixel art techniques I tried to implement during my later years as a pixel artist. His character design though is... lacking, to say the least. Though to be fair, his current form kept several parts. Black fur, teal eyes, the Ei-Ei jewels around his eyes... that kind of thing. His name is a Greek letter, which, of course, didn't stick, but it did influence the Greek in the Athánatos later.

While I created the original quilar (Matt and Izzy) their design flowed so much easier. I didn't really consider the fact that I was making up a brand new species. But when I started doing the design for the Athánatos quilar, I was acutely aware of the fact that I was making a new species and this influenced the design. 

As much as I love Ouranos as a character, he never really got the attention he deserved art wise.

After this design, Omicron's design didn't really change much.

This was the next (unfinished) artwork that Omicron got. Omicron is the full bodied male in the corner. His sister, Natassa, is the full bodied female, and she'll get her time next week. The other two are Athánatos from later book series, but their ears are well designed, so I kept them.

The last design I did for Omicron came here. I tried going for a full design sheet to give a good idea of what an Athánatos quilar looks like.

By this point, Omicron's name was starting to feel inaccurate. So it changed once more to Ouranos. Ouranos is the Greek god of the sky, related to the Greek goddess Gaia, which, if you read The Stolen Defender, has a bit of a hidden meaning.

Ouranos as a character has drastically changed, not just style wise. He was the original mustache-twirling villain. Dull, annoying, no characterization at all.

And then I pitted him against the Aftokrator (later called the Vasilefs)... and things change dramatically. Ouranos suddenly became the character he really should be.

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