Friday, June 13, 2014

Natassa of the Athánatos Tribe - Character Creation

Hey everyone, and welcome to a new...

Today we're gonna look at Natassa of the Athánatos Tribe!


Honestly, not too bad with the art... but she looks like a lighter Izzy-Sonic-Recolor character with some clothing from Skies of Arcadia.

Fina from Skies of Arcadia
To tell the truth though, I don't know if Fina was any inspiration for Natassa's original design, since, like Ouranos, Natassa originally belonged to Omni.

Natassa's original name was Vale, but when I picked her up, I changed her name to Reil. However, as time went on and I developed the Athánatos Tribe to be Greek themed, I picked the name Natassa, which means "resurrection."

Natassa's design didn't change much until very recently. When she did change, her appearance and colors changed, but I felt like she should retain some of the cream color in her design.

Originally Vale had silver eyes,but it looked strange when I did the new design, so she got purple eyes instead.

You'll notice that Natassa has the full set of Ei-Ei jewels. The final jewel, the Soul Jewel, is the same color as the user's eyes. The inner part of the ear is also the same color as the eyes.

Have a question about Natassa's creation? Ask away!

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