Friday, June 20, 2014

Darvin Wendigo - Character Creation

Hey everyone! Welcome to a new...

Today we're going to do Darvin Wendigo!

And here he is!

Yup! Darvin is a very young character in the Zyearth world, so he doesn't have an extended art history. 

I created Darvin just three years ago and he was intended to be a very unimportant minor character. Buuut Darvin decided he didn't like that and made himself much more important than I intended. 

In fact, he's much more important than is even obvious in the first book. 

I came up with Darvin while I worked at Red Robin as a hostess. I needed a side character and I wanted a different kind of animal, so I asked one of my coworkers what his favorite animal was. 

"Stag," he said. 

Whelp. Stag it is. 

I picked black and silver because... well, I like black and silver. 

Darvin's name also came from Red Robin. One of my favorite coworkers, a busser I often worked with who was hard working and fun to hang around, was named Darvin. So without really telling him, I stole his name. But don't worry. I told him later that I borrowed his name. 

It all happened one day at work while I was blowing up balloons. Darvin walked up to me with a bus tub in hand.

"Hey, Darvin, guess what?"

"What?" Darvin replied.

"I stole your name and gave it to one of my characters!" 

Darvin raised an eyebrow. "Wow, really? What's the character like?"

"He's an anthropomorphic stag with black fur and silver antlers!" 


Darvin walked away after that. My coworkers started calling him "alien stag." I kind of regret telling him. o_o (Don't worry, we became friends again)

Darvin's design was a lot of fun to work with. Since he was such an unusual creature, I did a lot of research on anthro deer and came up with a few conventions. Hoofnails (tiny hooves on each finger), antlers, and digitigrade legs. Darvin's legs aren't perfectly digitigrade, but they're close. I love the idea of the hoofnails, so those were fun to design.

The major problem with anthro deer is the fact that they don't really have feet designed for standing upright. So I had to make Darvin's feet extra large. 

So that's Darvin! Have a question about his character development? Add a comment! 

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  1. Ah wanting to be more then they were intended for! That is quite familiar to me! XD
    He has a lot of weight in the book form what I had gotten to.


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