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Matt Azure - Character Spotlight

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Today we're looking at Izzy Gildspine's best friend and partner, Matt Azure, the second major character in The Stolen Defender.

Name: Matt Azure
Height: 6'4"
Species: Short haired quilar
Gem Specialty: Elemental - Wind Manipulation
Rank: Golden Guardian
Weapon of choice: Custom single edged sword
First Appearance: The Stolen Defender

Matt is the other half of the Golden Guardian team in the Defender army. Matt's wind manipulation abilities allow him to be the more offensive side of the team, so if a mission gets hot, Matt's usually the one who helps get them out of a jam. Matt loves his wind manipulation abilities, even though it's one of the weaker elemental abilities that Gems can manifest.

Matt is very tall for his species. Most quilar don't grow beyond six feet tall. Like with Izzy, he's a bit of a body builder, though he's built more lean than bulky.

Matt's coloring is also very unusual for quilar. Most short haired quilar have solid colors, or two colors that are very similar to each other (such as Izzy's fur patterns) but Matt has blue scattered throughout his fur and quills. His relation to a small tribe of unusually colored quilar on the island Sol is the reason for this. 

Matt was born on Sol and lived there until he was eight. During his eighth year, a rival tribe, the Omnir tribe, attacked Sol and orchestrated a genocide against the quilar of Sol. During the battle, Matt's mother was killed and his father went missing, presumed dead. Matt was one of three survivors. The other two survivors were Izzy and Matt's sister, Charlotte.

Matt was raised on Zyearth by Jaymes and Amaia Fogg, two family friends and high ranking scientists at the Defender Academy. Matt decided at an early age that he wanted to become a Golden Guardian like his father and he entered the Academy at age 36. The Defender Academy program is a 20 year program - five years of basic training, five years of general education, five years of specialty education based on a major, and five years of a specialized internship. Matt was young to enter the Academy - due to the long life granted to Zyearthlings, most Zyearthlings don't begin secondary education until the age of 40 - but he proved himself to be ready for the trials.

Like with Izzy, Matt believes the rumor about the Golden Guardians being the most powerful Defenders on the planet to be highly exaggerated, but secretly, he likes the title. 

Matt's greatest fear is failing someone because he didn't make enough effort to perform a task. Matt tends to take too much on at one time and struggles to delegate tasks because he believes he needs to do everything himself to do a good job. This makes him good at the work he does, but it also makes it difficult for him to be a leader. 

Matt's greatest strength is his passion. He throws himself into everything he does and never does things halfway. 

Still curious about Matt? Feel free to ask Matt a question! Tune in on Friday for Matt's edition of Character Creation!

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