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Izzy Gildspine - Character Spotlight

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Today we're going to look at Izzy Gildspine, one of the main characters from The Stolen Defender.

Name: Izzy Gildspine
Height: 5'4"
Species: Short-haired quilar
Gem Specialty: Healing
Rank: Golden Guardian
Weapon of choice: Short battle hammer
First Appearance: The Stolen Defender

 Izzy is one half of the Defender's Golden Guardian team, a team designed to be the first to investigate dangerous situations and help the Defenders decide if a full intervention is needed. The Golden Guardians are reputed to be the most powerful Defenders on planet Zyearth, but Izzy feels like this is highly exaggerated and often feels inadequate in battle. 

To make up for her lack of Gem power, Izzy is a hobby body builder. She uses her physical strength as a means to keep a strong presence. 

Izzy's father, Dyne, was a Golden Guardian before her, and she feels the desire to be a Golden Guardian to take his place and continue the family legacy. 

As a child, Izzy got involved in the Sol Genocide, a small isolated incident that took place on an island off the coast of California on Earth. During the Genocide, she lost her father. Several years later, her mother was also killed, leaving Izzy an orphan. A family friend, Jaymes Fogg and his wife Amaia adopted Izzy and raised her like their own. 

Izzy's best friend and lifelong partner is Matt Azure. Matt was also on Sol during the genocide and lost both his parents as well. Jaymes and Amaia also adopted Matt, so Izzy and Matt see each other as siblings. 

Izzy's greatest fear is that she won't be adequate enough in battle, or that she won't be able to support Matt the way she needs to. Izzy's greatest strength is her willingness to protect the ones she loves. 

Want to learn more about Izzy? Feel free to ask Izzy a question! And tune in next time for the first edition of Character Creation, coming on Friday!

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