Friday, May 30, 2014

Matt Azure - Character Creation

Hello everyone! Today it's time for a brand new...

And today we're touching on Matt Azure!

...Wow, Matt. It looks like a Final Fantasy game threw up all over you. (I was heavily influenced by Final Fantasy back in the day. >>)

I remember the exact moment that I created Matt. I was supposed to be cleaning my room one afternoon, but instead I pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil and created something. XD Bad me.

I don't have the original colored picture anymore, but when I was working on Matt, I had this strange habit... Rather than picking colors for a character that might actually make sense, I generally picked the sharpest pencils in the box... That meant Matt's original clothing had bright oranges, yellows, reds, and greens.

Gag. Barf.

Matt's biggest problem with his early design was his quills. Tiny quills that weren't connected on pencil drawings didn't translate well to pixel art when it first came to be.

Eggman, indeed, Matt. 

Matt quickly became my favorite of my fan characters, so he got more art than Izzy did most of the time, and his generally came out better than hers. Back then, Matt was originally named "Matt Azurespine" but he dropped the "spine" part of his last name as time went on.

Early Sword Design

Translating Matt into pure anthro and less Sonic form was a little more difficult. 
Despite the unconnected eyes, Matt still looked a lot like his Sonic form. You'll notice though that his clothing rarely changed. He still had the same Final Fantasy discount look about him. 

Matt's first truly Non-Sonic pixel art self finally deviated a little from the original design of his clothing, but it only resulted in more Final Fantasy rip off stuff. The red pant leg was actually a modification of Tidus' pants from Final Fantasy X. That had to go. 

You will notice though that Matt has a different sword here. Matt's sword was a struggle to develop. I eventually borrowed a sword from an old drawing that I did for a friend. 

Honestly, the hand drawing of the sword is probably a thousand times better than the pixel drawing. +_+

Matt's last pixel art drawing still didn't attempt to change his clothing. It wasn't until Omni, a friend and amazing artist, created Izzy's new pants that I finally changed Matt up a little. Izzy's pants worked well with just slight color changes so I made Izzy's pants the standard pants for Defender battle dress uniforms. 

Different colors denote the wearer's Gem specialty. Izzy is a healer, so gray and white is the healer colors and Matt is an elemental user, so teal indicates an elemental user. 

Even in this latest form, however, Matt still has a slightly unusual shirt and his shoes definitely aren't "normal" but that's Matt for you. He fought me for those clothing changes. XD 

And that's Matt's character development! Next week - Ouranos of the Athanatos tribe. 

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